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Urdu to English Counting 1 to 100

In this article we are going to learn Urdu to English counting from 1 to 100 this article will help you understand the numbers in English as well as Urdu and their pronunciations. English to Urdu Counting is helpful for the learners to speak English while talking about quantity, measurement, telling the time, and shopping. Teach your children all these numbers with their Urdu meanings and pronunciations so that they can name the numbers both in English and Urdu easily.

Urdu Counting

English to Urdu Counting is very easy but most of us can’t differentiate the numbers and cannot pronounce them correctly. Learn this lesson properly and get the PDF lesson below.

Urdu to English Ginti 1-100

English Counting Numbers Urdu Counting Roman Urdu
One 1 ایک Ek
Two 2 دو Do
Three 3 تین Teen
Four 4 چار Chaar
Five 5 پانچ Paanch
Six 6 چھ Chey
Seven 7 سات Saat
Eight 8 آٹھ Aath
Nine 9 نو Nau
Ten 10 دس Das
Eleven 11 گیارہ Gyarah
Twelve 12 بارہ Barah
Thirteen 13 تیرہ Terah
Fourteen 14 چودہ Chaudah
Fifteen 15 پندرہ Pandrah
Sixteen 16 سولہ Solah
Seventeen 17 سترہ Satrah
Eighteen 18 اٹھارہ Athrah
Nineteen 19 انیس Unnees
Twenty 20 بیس Bees
Twenty-one 21 اکیس Ekkees
Twenty-two 22 بائیس Baees
Twenty-three 23 تیئیس Taees
Twenty-four 24 چوبیس Chaubees
Twenty-five 25 پچیس Pachees
Twenty-six 26 چھبیس Chabees
Twenty-seven 27 ستائیس Sataees
Twenty-eight 28 اٹھائیس Athaees
Twenty-nine 29 انتیس Untees
Thirty 30 تیس Tees
Thirty-one 31 اکتیس Ektis
Thirty-two 32 بتیس Battis
Thirty-three 33 تینتیس Tentis
Thirty-four 34 چونتیس Chautis
Thirty-five 35 پینتیس Pentis
Thirty-six 36 چھتیس Chattis
Thirty-seven 37 سینتیس Sentiis
Thirty-eight 38 اڑتیس Attis
Thirty-nine 39 انتالیس Untalis
Forty 40 چالیس Chalis
Forty-one 41 اکتالیس Ektalis
Forty-two 42 بیالیس Bayalis
Forty-three 43 تینتالیس Tentalis
Forty-four 44 چوالیس Chwalis
Forty-five 45 پینتالیس Pentalis
Forty-six 46 چھیالیس Chiyalis
Forty-seven 47 سینتالیس Sentalis
Forty-eight 48 اڑتالیس Adtalis
Forty-nine 49 انچاس Unchas
Fifty 50 پچاس Pachas

Urdu to English Counting 1 to 100

Fifty-one 51 اکیاون Ikyavan
Fifty-two 52 باون Bavan
Fifty-three 53 ترپن Tripan
Fifty-four 54 چون Chavan
Fifty-five 55 پچپن Pachpan
Fifty-six 56 چھپن Chappan
Fifty-seven 57 ستاون Satavan
Fifty-eight 58 اٹھاون Athavan
Fifty-nine 59 انسٹھ Unsath
Sixty 60 ساٹھ Saath
Sixty-one 61 اکسٹھ Eksath
Sixty-two 62 باسٹھ Basath
Sixty-three 63 تریسٹھ Tresath
Sixty-four 64 چونسٹھ Chausath
Sixty-five 65 پینسٹھ Pesath
Sixty-six 66 چھیاسٹھ Chiyasath
Sixty-seven 67 سڑسٹھ Sadsath
Sixty-eight 68 اڑسٹھ Adsath
Sixty-nine 69 انہتر Unattar
Seventy 70 ستر Sattar
Seventy-one 71 اکہتر Ikhatar
Seventy-two 72 بہتر Bahattar
Seventy-three 73 تہتر Tihattar
Seventy-four 74 چوہتر Chauhattar
Seventy-five 75 پچہتر Pachattar
Seventy-six 76 چھہتر Chihattar
Seventy-seven 77 ستتر Satattar
Seventy-eight 78 اٹھہتر Athattar
Seventy-nine 79 اناسی Unnasi
Eighty 80 اسی Assi
Eighty-one 81 اکیاسی Ikyassi
Eighty-two 82 بیاسی Biyassi
Eighty-three 83 تراسی Tirassi
Eighty-four 84 چوراسی Chaurassi
Eighty-five 85 پچاسی Pachassi
Eighty-six 86 چھیاسی Chiyaasi
Eighty-seven 87 ستاسی Sataasi
Eighty-eight 88 اٹھاسی Athaasi
Eighty-nine 89 نواسی Navassi
Ninety 90 نوے Navvay
Ninety-one 91 اکیانوے Ikyaanvey
Ninety-two 92 بیانوے Baanvay
Ninety-three 93 ترانوے Tiraanvy
Ninety-four 94 چورانوے Chauranvy
Ninety-five 95 پچانوے Pachaanvy
Ninety-six 96 چھیانوے Chiyaanvay
Ninety-seven 97 ستانوے Sataanvy
Ninety-eight 98 اٹھانوے Athaanvy
Ninety-nine 99 نناوے Ninaanvay
Hundred 100 سو Sow

Urdu to English Ginti 1 to 100

Two Hundred 200 دو سو Do sow
Five Hundred 500 پانچ سو Paanch sow
Thousand 1000 ہزار Hazar
Five thousand 5000 پانچ ہزار Paanch hazar
Ten thousand 10000 دس ہزار Das hazar
Lac 100000 لاکھ Lack
One Million 10,00000 دس لاکھ Das lack
Ten Million 10000000 کڑوڑ Karore
One Billion 1000000000 ارب Ek arab

Urdu Counting 1 to 100 PDF Lesson

Urdu Counting 1 to 100 PDF Lesson

Get the lesson in PDF format and teach your students these counting vocabulary in English and Urdu so that they can start speaking English about quantity and telling time easily.

Get the PDF Lesson


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