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Talking About Size And Measurements In English And Urdu

سائزاوردوسری پیمائشوں کے بارے میں دریافت کرنا

  (رسمی) Formal (غیررسمی) Informal کے بارے میں پوچھنے کے لیے Measurementsاور Size

دونوں طریقےاستعمال کئے جا سکتے ہیں۔  مثال کے طور پر

 ہے۔ اسی سوال کو اگرہم اس طریقے سے پوچھیں   Informal Question ایک How big is your house?

 بن جا ئے گا۔Formal تو یہ What is the size of your house?

 دونوں طریقوں سے سوالات پوچھے گئے ہیں آپ ان کواچھی طرح سے   Formal اور Informalذیل میں

ذہن نشین کر لیں ۔

In this article we will learn some very useful sentences used while talking about size and measurements. We often visit different super markets and shopping malls to buy some clothes, jackets, and trousers etc but we usually get stuck while talking in English about these all.

So here we are, after going through this article you will be able to easily talk in English about sizes and measurements.

45 English To Urdu Sentences About Size and Measurements

How much dose he earn?  وہ کتنے پیسے کما تا ہے؟                        

What is his salary? 

What salary is he on?


How often do you get headaches? آپ کے سر میں درد کتنی بار ہوتا ہے؟ 

5. What is the frequency of your headaches?


How many did you order? آپ نے کتنی مقدارکا آرڈردیا ہے؟                 

7. What number/quantity did you order?


How much did the new house cost? نئے گھرپرکتنا خرچ آیا؟            

9. What was the cost of the new house? 


How much money do you need? آپ کو کتنی رقم کی ضرورت ہے؟  

11. What amount of money do you require?


How much is it? اس کی کیا قیمت ہے؟

What price is it ?


How fast did you go? آپ کتنی رفتار سے گئے؟

(At) what speed were you traveling?


. How high was the plane flying?            جہاز کتنی بلندی پر پرواز کر رہا تھا؟

What was the plane’s altitude?


How hot/cold is it outside?   باہرکتنی گرمی/ سردی ہے؟

what is the outside temperature?


How load do you want the music? آپ موسیقی کتنی آوازسےسنناچاہتےہیں؟

What volume would you like the music ?


How long did you stay in the US? آپ امریکہ کتناعرصہ ٹھہرے؟

What is the duration of your stay in the US?


How old are you? آپ کی عمر کتنی ہے؟

What is your age?


26. How heavy are your bags? آپ کے تھیلوں کا وزن کتنا ہے؟       

What is the weight of your bags?


How much do you weigh? آپ کا وزن کتنا ہے؟

what is your weigh?


How far is Lahore from here? یہاں سےلاہور کتنی دور ہے؟

what distance is Lahore from here?


How much does it hold? اس کی گنجا ئش ہے؟

What is its capacity?


How much space/room does it take? یہ کتنی جگہ گھیرتی ہے؟

What is its area?


How big is your room? آپ کا کمرہ کتنا بڑا ہے؟

What is the size of your room?


How long is this bus? اس بس کی لمبا ئی کتنی ہے؟

What is the length of the bus? 



42. How tall are you? آپ کتنے اونچے ہیں؟                   

What is your height?


44. How high/ tall is that building?وہ عمارت کتنی اونچی ہے؟

45. What height is the building?


46. How deep/wide is the river دریا کتنا گہرا/چوڑا ہے؟

47. What is the depth /width of the river?


Talking About Size And Measurements In English And Urdu

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