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Spoken English Course in Urdu Class 2 | 90 Days Spoken English Course

This is a spoken English course in Urdu class 2, and today we are going to learn some short structures and words used in our daily lives. Learning different structures helps you make different variations of sentences correctly. You can check the spoken English course class 1. We are determined to teach you 90 days spoken English course so that you will be able to speak English anywhere anytime.

  • In – میں
  • On – پے
  • At – پر
  • Good at – اچھا ہونا
  • Bad at – برا ہونا
  • Before – پہلے
  • After – بعد میں

(in – میں)

It is used as a preposition to show the position or location of someone or something.

اس کا استعمال ہم تب کرتے ہیں جب ہم کسی چیز کی جگہ بتانا چاہے۔

He is in the car. وہ گاڑی میں ہے۔
The ball is in the box. گیند ڈبےمیں ہے۔
I am in the room. میں کمرے میں ہوں۔
She was in the hospital. وہ ہسپتال میں ہے۔
He lives in china. وہ چائنا میں رہتاہے۔

(on – پے)

Is used also used to show the place or position of something or someone but is shows that an object is touching the surface of another object.

اس کا استعمال تب کرتےہیں جب ہم یہ کہنا چاہے کہ کوئی چیز کسی دوسرےچیز  کے اوپر ہے۔

He is sitting on the floor. وہ زمین پے بیٹھا ہے۔
The ball is on the box. گیند ڈبے پے ہے۔

Different Uses of Preposition “On”

On the wall.

On the carpet.

On the camel.

On the door.

(at – پر)

is used to show the point.

He is at the park. وہ پارک میں ہے۔
They are at the airport. وہ ایئرپورٹ پر ہیں۔
I am at the bus stop. میں بس سٹاپ پر ہوں۔
Spoken English Course in Urdu Class 2 | 90 Days Spoken English Course
Spoken English Course in Urdu Class 2 | 90 Days Spoken English Courseط

(good at – اچھا ہونا)

Is used to talk about the good skills and we say someone is good at something we use “good at”.

Incorrect good in

Correct good at

I am good at English. میں انگلش میں اچھا ہوں۔
He is good at football. وہ فٹبال میں اچھا ہے۔
She is good at drawing. وہ ڈرائنگ میں اچھی ہے۔

(bad at – برا ہونا)

Is used to describe that someone lacks skills in doing something.

Incorrect bad in

Correct bad at

I am bad at English. میں انگلش میں اچھا نہیں ہوں۔
He is bad at football. وہ فٹبال کھلینے میں برا ہے۔
She is bad at drawing. وہ ڈرانگ میں اچھی نہیں۔

(Before – پہلے)

Before as an adverb mean earlier or at an earlier time.

He might have watched this movie before. وہ شائدیہ فلم پہلے دیکھ چکا ہے۔
I have not seen her before. میں اسے پہے نہیں دیکھ چکا ہوں۔
We reached there before them. ہم وہاں ان سے پہلے پہنچ گئے۔

(after – بعد میں)

After a preposition, means, “later than something”.

They came after  10 o’clock. وہ دس بجے کے بعد آئے۔
He will come after two days. وہ دودن کےبعدآئیگا۔
I haven’t seen him after that. میں نے اسے اس کے بعدنہیں دیکھا ہے۔

90 Days Spoken English Course

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