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Spices Names in Urdu and English

Spices Names

Before learning about different spices, it’s essential to understand the difference between spices and herbs. While both are used to flavor food, they come from different parts of plants. Spices are typically taken from seeds, roots, bark, or fruits, whereas herbs are the leaves of certain plants.

The Role of Spices in Cuisine

Spices enhance the taste of dishes and contribute to their aroma and visual appeal. They play a pivotal role in various cuisines worldwide, reflecting a region’s culture, history, and geography.

Cinnamon (دار چین)

Cinnamon is a warm and aromatic spice commonly used in both sweet and savory dishes. In Urdu, it is known as “دار چین.”

Cardamom (الائچی)

With its sweet and slightly spicy flavor, Cardamom adds depth to many South Asian recipes. It’s called “الائچی” in Urdu.

Cloves (لونگ)

Cloves are highly aromatic flower buds that are widely used in cooking and baking. In Urdu, they are referred to as “لونگ.”

Basil (تلسی)

Basil, with its fresh and earthy aroma, is a popular herb used in Mediterranean and Italian cuisines. It’s known as “تلسی” in Urdu.

Cilantro (دھنیا)

Cilantro, also known as coriander leaves, adds a burst of citrusy and herbal flavor to dishes. In Urdu, it is called “دھنیا.”

Mint (پودینہ)

Mint leaves, with their cool and refreshing taste, are used in various dishes, especially in Middle Eastern cuisine. In Urdu, they go by “پودینہ.”

Turmeric (ہلدی)

Turmeric is known for its vibrant yellow color and earthy flavor. It is widely used in Indian cuisine and is called “ہلدی” in Urdu.

Saffron (زعفران)

Saffron is one of the world’s most expensive spices, known for its unique flavor and rich color. In Urdu, it is referred to as “زعفران.”

Fenugreek (میتھی)

Fenugreek seeds add a slightly bitter taste and aroma to dishes. They are known as “میتھی” in Urdu.

Garam Masala (گرم مصالحہ)

Garam masala is a blend of ground spices commonly used in Indian cuisine. In Urdu, it is known as “گرم مصالحہ.”

Five-Spice Powder (پانچ مصالحہ پاؤڈر)

Five-spice powder is a staple in Chinese cooking, blending five distinct flavors. In Urdu, it is referred to as “پانچ مصالحہ پاؤڈر.”

Spices Names in Urdu and English

Learn these spices names with their urdu meanings and add some usefull vocabulary in your daily routine.

Spices names in Urdu and english

Cumin seeds زیرہ کیومن سیڈز
Black pepper کالی مرچ بلیک پیپر
Tamarind املی ٹمارنڈ
Mint پودینہ منٹ
Fenugreek میتھی فینیوگرک
Basil تلسی بیسل
Cloves لونگ کلوز
Cumin seed زیرہ کمن سیڈد
Saffron زعفران سفران
Cinnamon دارچینی سننامن
Poppy seed پوپی سیڈ خشخاش
Yeast خمیرہ یسٹ
Parsley اجوائن پارسلی
Chirata چرائتا چرائتا
Mace جاوتری میس
Nutmeg جائے فل نٹ میگ
Cassia تیج پات کیسیہ
Coriander دھنیا کوری اینڈ
Niger تل نگر
Cardamom الائچی کارڈامم
Phyllanthus آملہ فلس تھس
Linseed السی لینسیڈ
Ginger ادرک جنجر
Thymol اجوائن کاست تھائی مول
Caraway اجوائن کیراوے
Asafoetida ہینگ ایس فنڈا
Turmeric ہلدی ٹرمرک
Aloe مسبر ایلو
Chilli مرچ چلی
Red pepper سرخ مرچ ریڈ پیپر
Alkali کھار الکلی
Sandal صندل صندل
Origanum شکاکائی آری گنم
Sago سابودانہ ساگو
Aniseed سونف اینی سیڈ
Dry ginger سونٹھ ڈرائی جنجر
Senna سنا سنا
Betel-nut بیٹل نٹ سپاری

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