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Sadness Related English Sentences with Urdu Translation

Sadness Related English To Urdu Sentences

These sentences are used when we are sad and feel sorrow. These sentences of Sadness Related English Sentences with Urdu Translation will amazingly help you improve your speaking skills. If you want to speak English fluently you have to learn sentences with their meanings on different topics so that you can have different phrases and sentences for different situations.

Sadness Related English Sentences with Urdu Translation

Hey there! Have you ever felt really, really sad? Sadness is a big feeling that we all go through sometimes. It’s like when you’re not happy and you might even cry. Let’s talk about how to tell others when you’re feeling sad, both in English and Urdu.

When you’re sad, you might use these words to tell your feelings:

  • Sometimes, I feel like I have a dark cloud over me
  • When we heard about the accident, it made us really, really sad.
  • His eyes showed that he had very sad feelings because of his past.
  • The sad music from the piano made everyone feel a bit down.

And sometimes, you might use these words to tell about your everyday sad feelings:

  • Lately, I’ve been sad and not finding joy in small things.
  • The outside weather was sad, just like my mood.
  • She cried because she was so, so sad and couldn’t stop her tears. Now, what can you do when you’re feeling sad? Here are some ideas:
  • Sometimes, it’s okay to feel weak. It might help you feel better.
  • When you’re sad, you can talk to people you love. They can help you feel better.
  • Doing things, you like, like meditation or hobbies, might make you less sad.
It is a pity. بڑے افسوس کی بات ہے۔
Console him. اسے دلاسہ دو۔
Why are you sad today? آج آپ پریشان کیوں ہو؟
I am unhappy/sad. میں غمگین ہوں۔
She bursts into tears. وہ زاروقطاررونے لگی۔
He cried himself hoarse. اس کا روتے روتے گلا بیٹھ گیا۔
I am worried about my future. میں اپنے مستقبل کے بارے میں فکرمند ہوں۔
I moved to see him in such a condition. اس کی یہ حالت دیکھ کرمیرادل بھرآیا۔
I am extremely sorry to say this. مجھے یہ کہہ کربہت افسوس ہواہے۔
My heart is sinking. میرادل ڈوب رہا ہے۔
Don’t hurt anybody’s feelings. کسی کا دل مت دکھاؤ۔
I miss him very much. مجھے وہ بہت یاد آتا ہے۔
My sympathies are with you. میری ہمدردیاں آپ کے ساتھ ہیں۔
I am very sorry to hear this. مجھے یہ سن کر بہت افسوس ہو۔
It is very sad. بڑے افسوس کی بات ہے۔
She was overwhelmed with grief. وہ غم سے نڈھال ہوگئی۔
We offer our condolences. ہم اپنا دکھ ظاہرکرتے ہیں۔
What a sad news! خبرکتنی افسوس ناک ہے!
Who can fight against fate? قسمت سے کون لڑسکتا ہے؟
May Allah rest the departed soul in Heaven. خدا مرحوم کوجنت میں جگہ دیے۔
His father has expired. اس کا باپ فوت ہوچکا ہے۔
It was god’s will. خدا کی یہی رضا تھی۔
We sympathize with you. ہمیں آپ سےہمدردی ہے۔
It is pitiable. یہ قابل افسوس ہے۔
Why are you shouting? تم چلا کیوں رہے ہو؟
He is angry. وہ غصے میں ہے۔
Don’t blame me. مجھے الزام مت دو۔
You need not worry. آپ فکر نا کریں۔
What is bothering you? تمہیں غم کس بات کا ہے۔
I am heartbroken. میرادل ٹوٹ گیا۔


Sadness Related English Sentences with Urdu Translation

Sadness Related English To Urdu Sentences


In the end, it’s okay to feel sad sometimes. Talking about your feelings in different languages, like English and Urdu, can help you feel better. Remember, asking for help when you’re sad is a strong thing to do.

And if you’ve lost someone you love, it’s normal to feel really, really sad.

So, don’t be afraid to talk about your sadness and ask for support. You’re not alone!

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