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Parts of Body Vocabulary with Pictures

Parts of Body

Body parts Vocabulary different parts of the body in English and Urdu. Parts of the body with pictures will help you to increase your knowledge of these external and internal parts of the body and will help you to talk about any of the parts of the body in English. In this article, we have covered all the external and internal parts of the body with pictures. It will help the students as well as the teachers in schools. It will not only help you in school but also in medical situations whenever you have any problem regarding your health you can easily talk to the doctor about your health problem. Learning this article will improve your fluency.

In this blog we have mentioned all the body parts for our students so that they can learn the parts of body with their meanings and improve their vocabulary. Teachers can also utilize this lesson to teach the students easilly.

Parts of Body Vocabulary with Pictures

Mouth منہ
Heart دل
Nail ناخن
Jaw جبڑا
Thigh ران
Hair بال
Cheek رخسار
Trachea سانس کی نالی
Armpit بغل
Artery شریان
Skin جلد
Eardrum کان کا پردہ
Chest چھاتی
Joint جوڑ

Parts of Body in English and Urdu

Muscle پھٹے
Abdomen پیٹ
Pericardium دل کا پردہ
Waist کمر
Rib پسلی
Skull کھوپڑی
Eyelid پپوٹا
Neck گردن
Stomach معدہ
Knee گھٹنا
Back پُشت
Lungs پھیپھڑے
Wrist کلائی
Bone ہڈی

Parts of Body with Pictures

Forehead پیشانی
Foot پیر
Palm ہتھیلی
Palate تالو
Finger انگلی
Spleen تلی
Toe پیر کی انگلی
Ankle ٹخنا
Thumb انگوٹھا
Chin تھوڑی
Heel ایڑی
Cartilage کرکری ہڈی
Arm بازو
Eyeball پتلی
Lip ہونٹ
Nose ناک
Moustache مونچھ
Eyelash پلک
Tongue زبان
Ear کان
Elbow کہنی
Liver جگر
Shoulder کندھا
Face چہرہ
Beard داڑھی
Tooth دانت
Kidney گردہ
Brain دماغ

Parts of Body Vocabulary

Parts of Body Vocabulary PDF

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