Noun Phrases in Urdu with Examples

Noun Phrases in Urdu with Examples

Welcome to the amazing lesson of Noun Phrases in Urdu with Examples. Let’s learn how to use the noun phrases in the sentences and what they mean in Urdu. Learning these examples of noun phrase will boost up your English skills and improve your writing skills.

Examples of Noun Phrase

The apple of one’s eyes – آنکھو کا تارا

We are the apple of our mother’s eyes.

An apple of discord – فساد کی جڑ

Kashmir is the apple of discord between Pakistan and India.

A beast of burden – لادوجانور

The camel is a beast of burden.

A beast of prey – شکاری درندہ

The lion is a beast of prey.

A bed of roses – پھولوں کی سیج

Life is by no means a bed of roses.

Bed and board – ازدواجی زندگی

They had bed and board relations.

Cap in hand – عاجزانہ

He went to the minister cap in hand.

Chatter box – بکواسی ، باتونی

He is a chatter box.

Master offence – تلوار کا دھنی

Salah Uddin Ayubi was master of offence.

A bold from the blue – ناگہانی آفت

The news of his death come to us like a bolt from the blue.

A bone of contention – وجہ نزاع

The boundary question is a bone of contention between the two states.

By fits and starts – بے قاعدگی سے

He studies by fits and start.

By hook or by crook – ناجائز سوائل سے

He is bent on passing the examination by hook or by crook.

A cock and bull story – من گھڑت کہانی

I do not believe in a cock and bull story.

Heart and soul – دل و جان سے

He works with heart and soul.

Rack and ruin – مکمل تباہی

I do not care if you go to rack and ruin.

Root and branch – مکمل طور پر

The building was destroyed root and branch.

Overhead and ears – بال بال جکڑا ہوا

They are over’ head and ears in debt.

Bag and baggage – سازو سامان

He turned his tenant out bag and baggage.

The sum and substance – لبِ لباب

What is the sum and substance of this poem?

Ways and means – ذرائع اور وسائل

We must think out ways and means before making a building.

Through thick and thin – ہر حال میں

He stood by his friends through thick and thin.

A fool’s paradise – احمقوں کی جنت

Those who are thinking that we have got nothing to fear from India are living in a fool’s paradise.

Noun Phrases in Urdu with Examples

The ins and outs – مکمل تفصیلات

He knows the ins and outs of that problem.

The ups and downs – نشیب و فراز

There are always ups and downs in one’s life.

Kith and kin – عزیزو اقارب

We should love our kith and kin.

Time and tide – وقت

Time and tide wait for none.

Wear and tear – ٹوٹ پھوٹ

We should set aside a good amount for the wear and tear of the machines.

Under lock and key – بحفاظت

You must keep your valuables under lock and key.

Books and books – کتابیں ہی کتابیں

There are books and books in this shop.

Arm in arm – دوش بدوش

China and Pakistan work arm in arm.

Arts and parts – باصلاحیت

A successful diplomat is a man of arts and parts.

Back and belly – خوراک و لباس

Gone are the days when the problems of a laborer were only back and belly.

By leaps and bounds – دن دگنی رات چگنی

Our business is progressing by leaps and bound.

A man of letters – سچا آدمی

Our principal is a man of letters.

A man of parts – قابل آدمی

My friend, Mr. Muhammad Asif is a man of parts.

A man of straw – بے کار آدمی

He is a man of straw.

A sky scraper – فلک بوس عمارت

New York is famous for its sky-scrapers.

A snake in the grass – آستین کا سانپ

He is a snake in the grass.

Flea in the ear – سرزنش کرنا

The father send the child away with a flea in the ear.

Hand to hand – دست بدست

They fought hand to hand.

Examples of Noun Phrase

Leaps and bounds – تیز رفتاری

Pakistan is making progress with leaps and bounds.

A high horse – بڑے میاں

Do not ride a high horse.        

A game of chance – موقع کا کھیل

Examination is a game of chance.

A bed of thorns – کانٹوں کی سیج

Life is bed of thorns.

A bird’s eye view – سر سری نظر

You can have a bird’s eye view of Karachi from the top of shan Bank Plaza.

A bird of passage – فصلی بیٹر

He is a bird of passage and does not stick to one place.

Birds of a feather – پم جنس پرندے

Birds of feather flock together.

Once in a blue moon – شاذو نادر

She goes for a picnic once in a blue moon.

Loaves and fishes – دنیاوی فائدے

Everybody is running after the loaves and fishes.

Hue and cry – شوروغل

There was great hue and cry in the street after the thieves.

Fire and sword – تباہی و بربادی

Terrorist carry fire and sword wherever they go.

Odds and ends – متفرقات

What are these odds and ends lying about the place?

Part and parcel – لازمی حصہ

Physical training is a part and parcel of education.

10 examples of noun phrase

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