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Eatable Things Name in English with Urdu Meaning

Names of Eatable Things in English and Urdu

This lesson has all the eatable things name in English with Urdu meaning, and pronunciations which will enhance your English vocabulary and will add an extra layer of beauty to your spoken English.

Eatable Items in English with Urdu Meaning

We use different items in our daily life in our lunch, dinner, and breakfast we all know their names in our local languages but we cannot name them in English properly. Learning English is our dream and we daily search for different eatable things on the Internet to find their English meanings, this list of Eatables will solve your problem and will make you understand each item easily because each eatable items has been mentioned in the lesson with their meanings.

Most of us know their names in English but can’t pronounce them correctly for them we have prepared this lesson which will not only help you get new vocabulary words but also their correct pronunciations.

Urdu Meaning
Fine flour فائن فلاور میدہ
Salt سالٹ نمک
Egg ایگ انڈہ
Gruel گروئل دلیہ
Cucumber کیوکومبر کھیرا
Water واٹر پانی
Grain گرین اناج
Ginger جنجر ادرک
Betel بیٹل پان
Tea ٹی چائے
Butter بٹر مکھن
Ice آئس برف
Cheese چیز پنیر
Vinegar وینیگر سرکہ
Bread بریڈ ڈبل روٹی
Sugar شوگر چینی
Cardamom کارڈامم الائچی
Sesame سیسمی تل
Broth بروت شوربہ
Milk ملک دودھ

Eatable Things Name in English with Urdu Meaning

Comfit کم  فٹ الائچی دانہ
Poppy پوپی خشخاش
Bran برین چوکر
Saffron سیفرون زعفران
Dinner ڈینر شام کا کھانا
Rice رائس چاول
Buckweed بکویڈ میتھی
Honey ہنی شہد
Flour فلاور آٹا
Sauce ساوس چٹنی
Beef بیف گائے کا گوشت
Pepper پیپر مرچ
Jam جیم مربہ
Syrup سیرپ شربت
Tamarind ٹمارنڈ املی
Barley بارلے جو
Treacle ٹریکل شیرہ
Ghee گھی گھی
Peas پیز مٹر
Oil آئل تیل
Mince منس قیمہ
Meat میٹ گوشت
Pulse پلز دال
Maize میز مکئی
Turmeric ٹرمیرک ہلدی

Names of Eatable Things in English and Urdu

How to revise these Eatable Items with their Urdu Meaning later?

You can simply save all the pictures on your phone so that you can practice these words easily later. This lesson is designed both for our beginner and intermediate level students who want to learn English sitting at home.

Eatable Things in english with Urdu Meaning PDF

This vocabulary list is used in our daily routine everyone who want to learn English and improve their English fluency must know these words with their correct meanings. You can get the PDF lesson from below and start learning these eatable things in English with Urdu meaning.

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last updated: 8 October 2023

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