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Masculine and Feminine Words with Urdu Meanings List

Masculine and Feminine Words in English with Urdu Meaning

In this lesson we will be learning about the types of masculine and feminine words with their Urdu meanings that are used in our conversations. If you take a look below you will find so many words that have their masculine with them and for your ease they have been translated into Urdu and also in English.

Masculine and Feminine Words

Feminine in Urdu is written as مونث whereas masculine in Urdu is written as مذکر . Masculine is the term used when you have to describe a male thing, person or animal. Whereas the term feminine is the term under all female category is described. It is really important for the learners to understand and learn where the specific words are to be used and how they should be used. By learning the following terms you will have a strong grip on the words and can easily use them while having conversation in English.

Masculine and Feminine List

Feminine Translation Masculine Translation
Lioness ببر شیرنی Lion ببر شیر
Mother ماں Father باپ
Governoress گورنر خاتون Governor گورنر
Tigress شیرنی Tiger ببر شیر
Wife بیوی Husband شوہر
Headmistress ہیڈ مسٹریس Headmaster ہیڈ ماسٹر
Heroine ہیروئن Hero ہیرو
Maidservant نوکرانی Servant نوکر
Goddess دیوی God دیوتا
Mistress جنابہ Mister جناب
Witch جادوگرنی Wizard جادوگر
Mare گھوڑی Horse گھوڑا
She وہ(لڑکی) He وہ(لڑکا)
Cow گائے Bull بیل
Lass لڑکی Lad لڑکا
Governoress گورنر (لڑکی) Governor گورنر
Virgin کنواری Bachelor کنوارا


Masculine and Feminine Words in English and Urdu


Niece بھانجی/بھتیجی Nephew بھتیجا/بھانجا
Aunt چچی/خالہ Uncle چچا/ماموں
Queen ملکہ King بادشاہ
She-camel اونٹنی Camel اونٹ
Poetess شاعرہ Poet شاعر
Widow بیوہ Widower رنڈوا
Bitch کتیا Dog کتا
Friend سہیلی Friend دوست
Heroine ہیروئن Hero ہیرو
She-goat بکری He-Goat بکرا
Authoress مصنفہ Author مصنف
Cousin کزن(لرکی) Cousin کزن(مرد)
Huntress شکاری(خاتون) Hunter شکاری(مرد)
Milk-maid گوالن Milk-Man گوالا
Directress ڈائریکٹس Director ڈائریکٹر

Masculine and Feminine English to Urdu

Sister بہن Brother بھائی
Mrs. جنابہ Mr. جناب
Lass لڑکی Lad لڑکا
Empress ملکہ Emperor شہنشاہ
Female مادہ Male نر
Daughter بیٹی Son بیٹا
Madam جنابہ Sir جناب
Girl لڑکی Boy لڑکا
Empress شہزادی Emperor شہنشاہ
Actress اداکارہ Actor اداکار
Vixen لومڑی Fox لومڑ
Authoress مصنفہ Author مصنف
Land lady مالکہ Land Lord مالک زمین
Woman عورت Man آدمی
Cat بلی Tom Cat بِلا
Princess شہزادی Prince شہزادہ

Masculine and Feminine Vocabulary

Hind بارہ سنگھا(مادہ) Stag بارہ سنگھا
Negress حبشن Negro حبشی
Nun نن Monk راہب
Manageress مینیجر Manager مینیجر
Postwoman پوسٹ ویمن Postman پوزمین
Stewardess بنڈاری Steward سٹیورڈ
Milkmaid دودھ کی نوکرانی Milkman دودھ والا
Maid نوکرانی Butler بٹلر
Peahen موور Peacock مور
Witch ڈائن Wizard جادوگر
Leopardess چیتے Leopard چیتے
Doe ڈو Deer ہرن
Heroine ہیروئین Hero ہیرو

Masculine and feminine with Urdu meanings list PDF

Masculine and Feminine with Urdu Meaning PDF

Get the PDF lesson of masculine and feminine words in English and Urdu from below. This list has more than 65 very common but useful masculine and feminine words with their meanings.


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