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Kitchen Vocabulary with Pictures

Kitchen Vocabulary

List of kitchen vocabulary words with pictures in English and Urdu. Knowing these words will help you to communicate. In this lecture, we have covered all the kitchen utensils which will help you to speak about any item in the kitchen that can also help your children to know these kitchen vocabularies these vocabularies may help them in their schools as well as at home. I hope it will increase your knowledge and you will be able to speak about any kitchen utensils.

Kitchen Vocabulary with Pictures

Peeler چھیلنے والی آلہ
Spoon چمچ
Cup کپ ، مگ
Saucer طشتری
Teapot چائے کی دانی
Grater کدو کش
Tea strainer چائے کی چھلنی
Sifter آٹے کی چھلنی
Colander چھلنی
Whisk پھینٹنی
Chopping board کٹائی کے لیے تختہ
Griddle توا

kitchen vocabulary with pictures

Apron بالا پوش
Cleaver ٹوکہ
Bread basket روٹی کی ٹوکری
Cutlery چھری کانٹے اور چمچے
Gas lighter آگ جلانے کا آلہ
Salt shaker نمک دانی
Paper shaker مرچ دانی
Plate تھالی
Platter پرات
Bowl پیالہ
Fork کانٹا
Knife چاقو


kitchen utensils

Tongs چمٹا
Rolling pin بیلن
Nutcracker سروتہ
Wok کڑاہی
Steel wool سٹیل کی کوچی
Ladle ڈوئی
Skimmer کف گیر
Saucepan دیگچی
Spatula چپٹا چمچ
Mortar and pestle کونڈی ڈنڈا
Napkin کھانے کا رومال

kitchen vocabulari in English and Urdu

Kitchen Vocabulary and Utensils with Pictures PDF

you can get the PDF book below so that if you wanted to memorize these words or teach these words to your children later. This list of vocabulary has all the items names in English and Urdu used  in the kitchen.


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