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Important English to Urdu Sentences for Children and Parents

Let’s learn some new sentences for the parents that could be used in speaking and conversing with the toddlers. These are some short sentences that parents can use when they want to convey their message to their children. These sentences will help you out in your daily conversations and your children will also learn to speak in English. It will be easy for them in the future to have conversations with people.

English is very important for everyone these days and we all want to speak English with our kids so that they can also speak and have a good conversation in English.

English to Urdu Sentences for Children and Parents

The following short and simple sentences have been translated for you in Urdu as well and roan Urdu so that you can easily understand the meaning of the sentences and can use each sentence where they are to be used. It will be a really get activity for the toddlers as well you can teach them all these words easily.

Do it fast جلدی کرو jaldi karo
Be ready. تیار رہو۔ aik kaat lo
Go to sleep سونے جائیں sonay jayen
This one یہ والا yeh wala
Stop crying رونا بند کرو rona band karo
Put your books in the bag اپنی کتابیں تھیلے میں رکھیں apni kitaaben thelay mein rakhen
Hurry, get up جلدی کرو، اٹھو jaldi karo, utho
Let’s go outside. چلو باہر چلتے ہیں۔ chalo bahar chaltay hain .
Stand still چپ چاپ کھڑے رہو chup chaap kharray raho
Stop moving. حرکت کرنا بند کرو harkat karna band karo


Repeat after me. میرے بعد کہو mere baad kaho
Grab those plates. ان پلیٹوں کو پکڑو un paleton ko pakro
Don’t move. حرکت نہ کریں۔ harkat nah karen .
Go and wash your face. جا کر منہ دھو لو ja kar mun dho lo
Did you have your lunch? کیا آپ نے دوپہر کا کھانا کھایا؟ kya aap ne dopehar ka khana khaya ?
We will go out to play. ہم باہر کھیلنے جائیں گے۔ hum bahar khailnay jayen ge .
Do you need anything? کیا آپ کو کسی چیز کی ضرورت ہے؟ kya aap ko kisi cheez ki zaroorat hai ?
Be careful. محتاط رہیں mohtaat rahen
What happened? کیا ہوا؟ kya sun-hwa ?
Listen to me. میری بات سنو. meri baat suno .


Walk slowly. آہستہ چلنا۔ aahista chalna .
Be ready in 5 minutes. 5 منٹ میں تیار ہوجائیں۔ 5 minute mein tayyar ho jaien .
Never give up. کبھی ہمت نہ ہارو kabhi himmat nah haro
Have patience. حوصلہ رکھو hosla rakho .
Set the table. ٹیبل کو ترتیب دو۔ table ko tarteeb do.
Stop jumping you’ll fall down. چھلانگ لگانا بند کرو تم نیچے گر جاؤ گے۔ chhalang lagana band karo tum neechay gir jao ge .
Behave properly. مناسب برتاؤ کریں۔ munasib bartao karen .
Put them in a correct manner. انہیں صحیح طریقے سے لگائیں۔ inhen sahih tareeqay se lagayen .
Clean your nose. اپنی ناک صاف کریں۔ apni naak saaf karen .
You have to eat this for dinner. آپ کو یہ رات کے کھانے میں کھانا پڑے گا۔ aap ko yeh raat ke khanay mein khana parre ga .
Go back to your room. اپنے کمرے میں واپس جاؤ۔ apne kamray mein wapas jao .

Sentences for Children and Parents PDF

You can get the PDF lesson from below and teach your kids English with these easy and simple sentences. Teach them 5 sentences daily and try to speak with them in English so that they can also.

PDF Lesson

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