106 Idioms and Phrases with Urdu Meanings and Examples pdf

Idioms and Phrases with Urdu Meanings and Examples pdf

Idioms and Phrases make our English speaking easy and beautiful, here is a list of 106 Idioms and Phrases with Urdu Meanings and Examples so that you can easily understand what is the meaning of these idioms/phrases and how to use them correctly in your sentences. Idioms in English and Urdu are also help full for those who are preparing for any kind of competitive exams and tests. We all have different kinds of idioms in our native languages but in English, they are different. A List of English Idioms in Urdu Meanings with Sentences will help you learn some different idioms that you don’t know.

Idioms With Urdu Meanings English Idioms List

1. Money bags – امیر لوگ

Money bags of our country have no mercy for the needy.

2. Money-grubber – لوٹ کھسوٹ کرنے والا

Money grubbers have no love for their fellow men.

3. Cry blue murder – خوامخواہ شور کرنا

Do not cry blue murder because there is nothing to be afraid of.

4. Greek gift – ضرر رساں تحفہ

Unwanted ‘elements always send Greek gifts.

5. Stick to one’s guns – اپنے اصولوں پر جمے رہنا

He always sticks to his guns.

6. High-hats – بڑے لوگ

You should not have a company with high-hats.

7. High strung – جلد غصہ میں آنے والا

A high strung never gets success in his life۔

8. High words – سخت کلامی

High words will mark your personality.

9. Of one’s mind – ہم خیال

My friend is of my mind.

10. Road hogs – بد تمیز لوگ

Road hogs often meet accidents.

11. Hang about – آس پاس رہنا

Please hang about the door.

Idioms With Urdu Meanings English Idioms List

12. Above par سرکاری قیمت سے زیادہ قیمت

Gold is being sold above par in some big cities.

13. All abroad – غلطی پر

He was all abroad in his assessment of my friend.

14.To be in account with کسی کے ساتھ لین دین میں شریک ہونا

Both the partners in business are in account with each other.

15. Man about town – کاہلی / سست

Nobody knows anything about his profession, besides being the man about town.

16. Take air – چرچا ہونا

His success in the business took air in no time.

17. In the air – افواہ پھیلنا

Rumors about her kidnapping are in the air.

18. On the air – نشر ہونا

The president of America will be on the air at 8.p.m, today.

19. Take the air – ہوا خوری کرنا

Let us go for taking the air.

20. Give oneself airs – غرور کرنا فخر کرنا

We should not give ourselves air.

21. Aladdin’s lamp – جادو کا چراغ

No government has Aladdin’s lamp to solve all the problems at once.

22. Look alive – زندہ دل اور مستعد ہونا

If you want to succeed in your life, look alive.

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23. To be alive with – بھرا ہوا ہونا

This pond is alive with fish.

24. Set apart – محفوظ کرنا

We have set apart a huge amount for the completion of our projects.

25. Speak aside – تخلیہ میں بات کرنا

I want to speak aside with you.

26. Look askance at – مشتبہ نظروں سے دیکھنا

You should not look askance at anybody.

27. Backfriend – چھپا دشمن

In this age of shams, everybody seems to be a backfriend.

28. Break one’s back – حد سے زیادہ بوجھ ڈالنا

I have broken my back with extra work.

29. Have on one’s back – گراں بار ہونا ، ذمہ دار ہونا

You should not have the whole office on your back.

30. With one’s back to the wall – مجبور ہو کر جانفشانی کرنا

The weakest fight with their adversities with their back to the wall.

31. Back and belly – روٹی کپڑا

Gone are the days when the problems of laborers were only back and belly.

32. Back bone – اہم سہارا

Rahman being the only earning member is the backbone of this family.

33. To be the backbone – پوری طرح مکمل طور پر

None in our country seems to be patriots to the backbone.

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34. Back and forth – ادھر ادھر

The boat went back and forth due to the wind storm.

36. Bad law – جابرانہ قانون

The bad law is ruling people in different countries.

37. Fall from grace – اعلیٰ مرتبہ سے گر جان

He had been a chief advisor to the Prime minister for a few years before he fell from grace and had to retire to his business.

38. A saving grace – عمدہ خصوصیت

His way of delivering speeches is not so good and pleasing but it has the saving grace of being short.

39. With a bad grace – تنگ دلی سے

People have to obey an aggressive government with bad graces.

40. In the bag – حسب خواہش یقینی طور پر

Your appointment as an engineer is in the bag.

41. Bandy about – بحث کرنا

The people of Pakistan are always bandy about Lahore.

42. Bandy words with – توں توں میں میں کرنا

Nobody should bandy words with his elders while being rebuked.

43. Bath of blood – خون خرابه

Our leaders should make sincere efforts to avert the bath of blood in Pakistan.

44. Lose one’s bearing – آن بان ، سدھ نہ رہنا

He has lost his bearing by committing such a heinous crime.

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45. Beat hollow – مد مقابل کو پوری طرح شکست دینا

Our team beat the P.I.A. team hollow in the football tournament.

46. Beat one’s brain – سرکھپانا ، دماغ سوزی کرنا

If you want to mark a grade in the examination, you will have to beat your brain.

47. Beat into one’s head –  بے چین ہونا

You cannot beat anything into your head unless you take an interest.

48. To have a bee in the head – کسی چیز کا خبط سوار ہونا

He has a bee in the head for leaving Karachi at once.

49. Behind the scene – رازمیں

Everything was done behind the scene.

50. To brainwash someone – جبری اطاعت کرنا

The teacher brainwashed the students.

51. A brainwave – اچانک عمدہ خیال

It was a brainwave to come here for our holidays.

52. Brass tacks – اصل معاملہ سچی بات

Please stop arguing about theories and get down to brass tacks.

53. In a blue funk – خوف میں

He was in a blue funk about going to the doctor for his operation.

54. Between two stools – تذبذب میں

I am between two stools that do it.

55. Go too big for one’s boot – ذلیل ہونا

It was below the dignity for a gentleman to go too big for his boot.

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56. Crime of blackest dye – گھناؤنا جرم

Crimes of the blackest dye are being committed in Lahore.

57. Black mark – بدنامی کا داغ

Your bad character is a black mark on the fair name of your Parents.

58. Look blue – نڈھال نظر آنا

Why are you looking blue?

59. Blessing in disguise – در پرده نعمت

He was a notorious criminal but in the long run, proved a blessing in disguise.

60. At the first blush – پہلی ہی نظر میں

The manager appraised her ability at first blush.

61. Sweep the board – سب کچھ جیت لینا

The eloquent speaker swept the board at the elocution contest by winning four prize.

62. Draw the lone bow – لمبی چوڑی ہانکنا

He is fond of drawing the long bow for no purpose.

63. Box on the ear – کان پرتھپٹرمارنا

We should not box on the ears of the children.

64. Kick the bucket – مرجانا

They were all waiting for the old man to kick the bucket so that they could get his money.

65. Burst with envy – حد کرنا

We should not burst with envy to see our friends successful.

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66. Sail close to the wind – حالات کے مطابق چلنا

If you want success in your life, you will have to sail close to the wind.

67. Chump up – بے تکلفی پیدا کرنا

You should not try to chump up with your seniors.

68. Code of honor – ضابطہ اخلاق

We have forgotten the code of honor and are being disgraced everywhere.

69. Club law – زور آوار قانون

The club law rules the world.

70. Turn one’s coat – نمک حرامی کرتا

He was a very astute politician who survived by turning his coat several times.

71. With flying color – نمایاں کامیابی کے ساتھ

He passed his examination with flying colors.

72. A dab hand at – ماہر

He is a dab hand at cooking.

73. Keep under wraps – چھپانا

They are keeping the new designs under wraps.

74. To pull over the wool (someone’s) eye – جل دینا

He tried to pull the wool over her eyes with some ridiculous excuse.

75. Wool-gather – احمقانہ باتیں

I am fed up with his constant wool-gathering.

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76. Have a whale of a time – کافی وقت

We had a whale of a time at the party.

77. Weigh up – اندازہ کرنا

You should first weigh up the chance of your success.

78. On the wane – زوال پذیر

I think that your power is on the wane.

79. Walk out on – ذمہ داری کو نظر انداز کرنا

You should not walk out on your responsibilities.

80. Draw a veil over –حقائق کو چھپانا

We should not draw a veil over the facts.

81. At one’s zenith – عروج پر

Mr. Amjad is now at his zenith.

82. Blooming in teens – سن بلوغت

The period of blooming in teens is very dangerous.

83. Blackguard – بد معاش لوگ

Blackguards are the deadly enemies of humanity.

84. Pray for a boon – برکت کے لیے دعا کرنا

Every Muslim should pray to God for a boon.

85. Crawl on knees – گھٹنے کے بل چلنا

Babies first of all learn to crawl on their knees.

86. Burn with jealousy – ضد سے جلنا

Some of my colleagues burnt with jealousy when I was promoted to the highest rank in the department.

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87. Stands on legs – سخت ناراض ہونا

When Akram saw me in the meeting, he stood on his legs.

88. Come to fisticuffs – لڑائی پر اتر آنا

After the exchange of burning words, they came of fisticuffs.

89. In the flower of life – عین نو جوانی میں

She was murdered in the flower of her life.

90. Grace by one’s presence – رونق بخشا

The Prime Minister graced our function by his presence.

91. Spoil the show – کام بگاڑنا

You should not let him go there because he can spoil the show.

92. Kiss the rod – سزا قبول کرنا

If I am proven guilty, I am ready to kiss the rod.

93. Be accounted of – بے حد معزز ہونا

Our principal is accounted of in the college.

94. One one’s own account – اپنی ذمہ داری پر

You can do all this on your own account.

95. Go to one’s account – انتقال کر جانا

He has gone to his account.

96. The great account – يوم الحساب

The great account is a certainty.

97. Give a good account of oneself – مہارت کا ثبوت دینا

He gave a good account of himself by defeating his opponents in the contest.

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98. Take into account – خاطر میں لانا ، اہمیت دینا

The whole matter was taken into account by the Chief Officer.

99. Take no account of – توجہ نہ دینا

He took no account of his mother’s remarks.

100. Leave out of account – خاطررمیں نا لانا / توجہ نہ دینا

My elders left my affairs out of account.

101. On account of – کی وجہ سے

Don’t stay away on account of your friends.

102. Account for – کسی سبب کی وضاحت کرنا

You must account for your misconduct.

103. Bring to account – جواب طلبی کرنا

He was brought to account for his misdoings.

104. Make a little account of – لحاظ نہ کرنا

He makes a little account of his friend’s feelings.

105. To be slain in action – لڑائی میں مارے جاتا

He was slain in an action against the enemy.

106. Men of action – مردان کار ، مردان عمل

There is a great scarcity of men of action in our country.

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