Idiomatic Sentences in English with Urdu Meanings

Idiomatic Sentences in English with Urdu Meanings

In this lesson, we will be learning idiomatic sentences in English with Urdu meanings. This lesson is really helpful for the students to learn some amazing Idioms with their Urdu meanings and you can easily start preparation for competitive exams like CSS, PMS, NTC, etc.

list of idioms with Urdu meanings and sentences pdf

Capital sentence – سزائے موت

The kidnapper was given a capital sentence.

A chicken-hearted fellow – بزدل

My friend Raheem is a chicken-hearted fellow.

A cold-blooded murder – بغیر اشتعال کے قتل

A cold-blooded murder took place at Jinnah Road yesterday.

Bad blood – دشمنی

If you show any favor to any of your subordinates, it will create bad blood among others.

A black sheep – کالی بھیڑ

He is a black sheep in our friends.

A bosom friend – جانی دوست

Amjad is Rohan’s bosom friend.

A burning question – نہایت اہم مسئلہ

Kashmir is a burning question between Pakistan and India.

A born poet – پیدائشی شاعر

Wasi Shah is a born poet.

A capital crime – ایسا جرم جس کی سزا موت ہو

Murdering is a capital crime.

idiomatic sentences in english with urdu meanings

Crocodile tears – مگر مچھ کے آنسو

Stepmothers shed Crocodile tears on the deaths of their step-sons.

A lucky day – کامیاب دن

It was a lucky day for ne.

A draw match – بغیرہارجیت کے میچ

The drawn match will be replayed tomorrow.

A laughing stock – ہنسی مزاق کا نشانہ

Mr. Amjad is a laughing stock of our Friends.

A hair-breadth escape – بال بال بچاؤ

She had a hair-breadth escape from drowning.

A white elephant – مہنگا

An American wife proves a white elephant.

A white lie – سفید جھوٹ

Speeches made by political leaders are white lies.

Joint action – مشترکہ کاروائی

We should take joint action for the betterment of our country.

Lost labor – بے سود کوشش

All our work on this project seems to be a lost labor.

Herculean labour – محنت طلب کام

A huge project calls for Herculean labor.

Laboring heart غم زدہ دل

The widow looked after her children with a laboring heart.

A maiden speech – پہلی تقریر

His maiden speech was greatly appreciated by the public.

Lady killerعورتوں کا پرستار

A Muslim should never be a lady killer.

Leading articles – بہت ہی اچھا مضمون

I read only the leading articles in the newspaper and nothing else.

Racking headache – جنون

Learning English has become a racking headache in Pakistan.

Ranging fancy – نا پائیدار محبت

Don’t be taken in by ranging fancies; true and enduring love is different.

Warm receptionپرتپاک استقبال

Amjad was given a warm reception when he reached Karachi.

A narrow escape – بال بال بچنا

I had a narrow escape in the fight.

An open secret – کھلا راز

His murder is an open secret now.

Stone blind – بالکل اندھا

He is a stone blind.             

Stone deaf – بالکل بہرہ

He is stone deaf.

A tall talk – لاف زنی

We should not indulge in tall talk.

The three R’s – نوشت و خواند

The child began his three R’s with a teacher.

Virgin soil – ایسی زمین جس میں ہل نہ جوتا گیا ہو

The farmer has to work hard with virgin soil.

A past master – ماھر

He is a past master in the art of paying debts.

A promising youth – ہونہار نوجوان  

Mr. Abdul Raheem is a promising youth.

A right-hand man – دست راست

Mr. Shams is the right-hand man of our principal.

A sound beating – سخت مار پیٹ

Rude and impudent students must be given a sound beating.

Painted lady – فیشن پرست عورت

Many painted ladies go about in the busy bazaar of Lahore.

Sealed book – سربستہ راز

Her life is a sealed book to us.

Redeeming feature – برائیوں کی تلافی کردینے والی خوبی

Respect for high and low is his redeeming feature.

Beyond measure – آندازہ سے بہت زیادہ

Poverty in Pakistan is beyond measure.

Big bosses – بہت اہم شخصیت

The department usually listens to the big bosses.

Notable quantity – کافی مقدار

There is a notable quantity of fashion in all Muslim countries.

Palmy days – خوش حالی کے ایام

We should not spend our palmy days in foreign.

Panic monger – خوف وحراس پھیلانے والا

The panic mongers must be punished severely.

Blue blood – شریفانہ خون

She has a blue blood in her veins.

Blood royal – شاہی خاندان

He belongs to the blood royal.

Bowing acquaintance – معمولی جان پہچان

I have just a bowing acquaintance with him.

Golden calf – دولت کی پوجا

Modern people worship only the golden calf.

Calf love – بچکانہ محبت

Calf love affairs flourish in the institutes of co-education.

Paper warfare – تحریری پروپیگنڈہ

Paper warfare has become very important in this century for universal education.

Passive resistance – عدم تشدد کے مززاحمت

We won our freedom through passive resistance.

Peeping tom – لڑکیوں کو تارنے والا

Peeping toms are found everywhere.

Quack remedy – جیم حکیمی علاج

The ills of Pakistan cannot be cured by quack remedies.

Racy flavor – امتیازی خصوصیت

Samad Ahmed writes all his plays in a style with a racy flavor.

Yellow press – سنسنی خیزز صحافت

The yellow press has become a menace to responsible journalism.

Black arts – جادو

She is practicing black art in economics.

Fine arts – فنونِلطیفہ

Ladies should cultivate fine arts.

Bad shot – غلط اندازہ

Mr. Parvez Ilahi was a bad shot in the National elections.

Big gun – اہم شخصیت

A general is a big gun in our country.

Big bug – بدتمیز افسر

A big bug is seldom popular with his staff.

Big wig – اہم شخصیت

Every police officer is a big wig in our society.

Old bird – تجربہ کار

He cannot be taken in easily as he in an old bird.

Black leg – دھوکے باز

Every leader seems to be a black leg in our country.

Camp followers – خوشامد

All the big bosses have their camp followers.

Carping tongue – تنقید کی عادت

She has a carping tongue.

Public character – مشہور شخصیت

Quaid-e-Azam was a public character.

Rough diamond – بے تربیت صفات کا حامل

Mr. Akram is a rough diamond in diplomacy.

Devil-may-care – لااُبالی طبیعت والا

You are a devil-may-care in the West Multan.

Standing order – مستقل حکم

Every company has standing orders to be followed.

Side cousin – دور کا رشتہ دار

Mr. Amjad is my side cousin.

Double meaning – دومعنی

His speech has a double meaning.

Chaste language – پاکیزہ زبان

He is quite expert in Urdu and speaks chaste Urdu.

Dare devil لاپرواہ آدمی

He is a dare-devil in driving.

Pitch Dark – اندھیرا گھپ

There was pitch dark in the rooms.

Dark humor – تراش مزاق

Nobody enjoys dark humor.

Dark deeds – برے افعال

Everybody will be punished for his dark deeds,

Dead loss – سرارسر نقصان

He suffered a dead loss in the business.

Dead certainty – عین یقین

Death is a dead certainty.

Deadline – قطعی حد

Let us fix a dead line for finishing this work

Raw deal – برا سلوک

We got a raw deal from the CEO.

Square deal – عمدہ سلوک

I got a square deal from my brother.

Derring-do – بلند حوصلہ

Mr. Zaheer Khan is a man derring-do.

Detached mind – غیر جانبدارانہ ذہن

You must try to see the situation with a detached mind.

Double acting / dealing – دورخی چال

Some people earn their living by double acting.

Easy circumstances – خوشحالی

He is a man of easy circumstances.

Easy manners – خوش اخلاق

Mr. Laraib is a man of easy manners.

Easy marks – سادہ لوح

Our tutor is an easy mark.

Deadly feud – جانی دشمن

There is a deadly feud among the Afghan tribes.

Fighting chance – کامیابی کا امکان

I have still a fighting chance to make a success of my life.

Finished manners – مہزب رویے

Mr. Kamran a friend of mine, is man of finished manners.

Golden key – روپیہ پیسہ

You can open any door with the golden key.

Golden opinionsبلندخیانت

We have golden opinions about Shams Jinnah.

Easy money – بلا محنت مل جانے والی رقم

You find easy money in government offices.

Falling sickness – مرگی

He suffers from falling sickness.

Fair play – اننصاف

Life without fair play is a living hell.

False position – اصولوں کے خلاف

Mr. Shams will never be happy if he gets into a false position.

Fatal shears – موت

We cannot escape the jaws of fatal shears.

Gutter press – ادنٰی صحافت

The gutter press rules democracy.

Hard word – سخت زبان

Hard work will mark your personality.

Hard facts – تلخ حقائق

Nobody can ignore the hard facts of life.

Bad hat – بے عزت آدمی

Mr. Majid is a bad hat.

High browذہین لوگ

High brows rule over the low brow.

Penetrating mind – زود فہمی

He has a penetrating mind.

False pretention – جھوٹی انا

Please try to break the veils of false pretension.

Pretty consideration – معمولی لحاظ

I have a pretty consideration for such low person

Slim excuse – بے کار بہانہ

A slim excuse will not do.

Quack doctor – نیم حکیم

He is a quack doctor and you should not go to him.

Unsparing efforts – بے دریغ کوشش

Unsparing efforts were made to save her from drowning.

Last home – قبر

Our permanent residence is the last home.

Incarnate friend – بد کردار

He is an incarnate friend.

Narrow Circumstances – غربت وافلاس

I am passing through narrow circumstances.

Rapt attention – حاضر دماغی

They listened to me with rapt attention.

Broken reed – ناقابل اعتماد

We should not trust broken reeds.

Hot liver – شوریدہ مزاجی

He is a man of hot liver.

Long tongue – زبان درازی

She has a long tongue.

Long drawn – طویل

‘He made a long drawn speech.

Lotus eating – آرام طلبی

Our youth are leading a life of lotus-eating.

Mastermind – عالی دماغ

He is a mastermind.

Mealy-mouthed – چرب زبان

She is a mealy-mouthed woman.

Midsummer madness – انتہائی حقامت

He has midsummer madness.

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