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Eatable Items Name in Urdu and English with Pictures

Eatable Items Name in Urdu and English with Pictures

List of food items Vocabulary with pictures in English and Urdu. This article will be helping you with the food items in everywhere it may help you in the shop and at home. In this article, we have covered all the food items which can help you to talk about any of the food in English. Food this the main thing in our life but knowing the English of the food is very essential for English learners. We have almost covered all the food item’s vocabulary with their pictures.

Eatable Items named in English and Urdu

Eatable Items named in English and Urdu

Food Vocabulary with Pictures

Lentil dumplings دہی بڑے
Fritters پکوڑے
Patty سموسہ
Sweet pretzels جلیبی
Sweets مٹھائی
Green tea سبز چائے
Whey لسی
Yogurt دہی
Sugarcane piece گنڈیری

Food Items Names With Pictures

Gram چنا
Beef گائے کا گوشت
Buck wheat میتھی
Bran چوکر
Biscuit بسکٹ
Cardamom الائچی
Cheese پنیر
Cream ملائی
Coffee کافی
Egg انڈہ

Food Vocabulary

Almond بادام
Lemonade لیموں کا رس
Sweet potato شکر قندی
Pineapple اناناس
Peanut مونگ پھلی
Lettuce سالاد پتہ
Carrot گاجر
Walnut اخروٹ
Pickle اچار
Broth شوربہ

Food Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning

Honey شہد
Tamarind املی
Ketchup چٹنی
Vegetable سبزی
Gruel دلیہ
Peas مٹر
Ice-cream آئس کریم
Pulse دال
Vinger سرکہ
Tumeric ہلدی

Food Vocabulary in English with Urdu Meaning

Fine flour میدہ
Grain اناج
Betel پان
Butter مکھن
Bread ڈبل روٹی
Cake کیک
Flatbread روٹی
Cluster bean جوار
Dinner شام کا کھانا
Flour آٹا

Food Item Names with Pictures and Meaning in Urdu

Jam مربہ
Ghee گھی
Ginger ادرک
Ice برف
Corn مکئی
Mutton بکرے کا گوشت
Mince قیمہ
Pastry پیسڑی
Sesame تل

English Vocabulary related Food with Pictures

Food Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning and Pictures PDF

Food items are used in our daily life and each item is named different in English language.  This lesson will help you learn English to Urdu vocabulary related Food. Get the PDF lesson of this book and start speaking English related food.

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