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English Vocabulary Used to Describe Emotions in Urdu

Feelings and Emotions Vocabulary in English and Urdu

Today we will be learning about different types of emotions and what they mean in Urdu. Emotions are usually an experience of sensations and behavior that is expressed by a body in different events or things. Normally people only know some basic 6 types of emotions but there are a lot more than that and should have knowledge of them.  For example when you get something that you really wanted for a long time, after having that thing you will be really excited to use it and will be really happy that you finally got it. Another example is that if you lose someone who is very dear to you, you feel alone, sad, and grieved. These all are emotions that you feel and react to. It is really important for beginner learners to learn all these words so that they don’t have any type of difficulty and they will also be able to speak English fluently and easily without any type of hesitation.

Feelings and Emotions Words in Urdu and English

Hence today in this blog you will be able to know many types of emotions that you might not have known before. This lesson will help you out in gaining more knowledge and also will enhance your speaking skills. You will be able to distinguish between emotions and can easily tell what that person is feeling. There are thousands of emotions that a person could feel but we are unaware of them. This blog is a great place to start knowing about emotions. By the end of this lesson, you will have a good amount of vocabulary and also these important words will help you in your daily life to tell people’s emotions.

pleasure خوشی khushi
wrath غصہ gussa
admiration تعریف tareef
caution احتیاط ahthyat
wonder تعجب taajjub
sadness اداسی udasi
compassion ہمدردی hamdardi
affection پیار pyar
desire خواہش khwahish
unhappiness دکھ dukh
aggravation اضطراب iztiraab
dismay مایوسی mayoosi
acceptance قبولیت qabuliat
certainty یقین yaqeen
disappointment مایوسی mayoosi
satisfaction اطمینان itminan
anger غصہ gussa
depression ذہنی دباؤ zehni dabao
anguish تکلیف takleef
relief آرام  aram
enthusiasm جوش josh
anxiety بے چینی be cheeni
fury غصہ gussa
embarrassment شرمندگی sharmindagi
rage غصہ gussa
attraction کشش kashish
hope امید umeed
frustration مایوسی mayoosi
courage ہمت himmat
boredom بوریت boriyat

Vocabulary Used to Describe Emotions in Urdu

dislike ناپسندیدگی na pasandeedgi
kindness مہربانی meharbani
confusion الجھاؤ uljhao
pride فخر fakhr
scorn طعنہ tana
guilt جرم jurm
dependence انحصار inhisaar
fear خوف khauf
joy خوشی khushi
shame شرمندگی sharmindagi
confidence اعتماد aetmaad
distress تکلیف takleef
delight خوشی khushi
loneliness تنہائی tanhai
generosity سخاوت sakhavat
contentment قناعت Qanaat
impatience بے صبری be sabri
envy حسد hasad
defeat شکست shikast
hatred نفرت nafrat
greed لالچ lalach
jealousy حسد hasad
curiosity تجسس tajassus
malice بدنیتی badniyati
hostility دشمنی dushmani
pessimism مایوسی mayoosi
sorrow غم gham
defiance خلاف ورزی khilaaf warzi
pleasure خوشی khushi
lust ہوس hawas
wonder تعجب taajjub
longing آرزو arzoo
terror دہشت dehshat
optimism رجائیت rajaiat
pity افسوس afsos
love محبت mohabbat
sympathy ہمدردی hamdardi
patience صبر sabr
unhappiness دکھ dukh
panic خوف و ہراس khauf o hraas

English Vocabulary Used to Describe Emotions in Urdu

Feeling and Emotion Vocabulary List with Urdu PDF

You can easily memorize these words and utilize them in your daily life. Get the PDF lesson below and start learning English vocabulary.

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