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English to Urdu Counting For Kids – Urdu Ginti 1 To 100

Counting For Kids

Today in the following blog all we will be doing is learning numbers in words and Urdu translation. This lesson will teach you how we could spell the numbers 1-100 in Urdu and also in English. This blog is for those who are searching for English to Urdu Counting For Kids.Each number is translated into Urdu and Hindi. This is a great practice to learn the counting for the beginners as they will be able to learn them easily and also they can write counting in both English and Urdu. This lesson will not only get handy with the adults this will also help the little children who are at their first stage of learning, they will be easily able to distinguish between the numbers and how they are spoken and spelled in Urdu ginti.

English to Urdu Counting For Kids – Urdu Ginti 1 To 100

Mostly people now a days do not know Urdu Ginti it will also be a beneficial lesson for those and they can easily know what each number is and how to numbers 1 to 100 in English Urdu and Hindi. The following blog has numbers that are in counting words and Urdu translation so that it is easy for the students to understand. This is a really fun way to learn English counting and by the end of this lesson you will be able to pronounce the counting easily.

Counting Number Urdu Hindi
One 1 ایک एक
Two 2 دو दो
Three 3 تین तीन
Four 4 چار चार
Five 5 پانچ पाँच
Six 6 چھ छः
Seven 7 سات सात
Eight 8 آٹھ आठ
Nine 9 نو नौ
Ten 10 دس दस
Eleven 11 گیارہ ग्यारह
Twelve 12 بارہ बारह
Thirteen 13 تیرہ तेरह
Fourteen 14 چودہ चौदह
Fifteen 15 پندرہ पंद्रह
Sixteen 16 سولہ सोलह
Seventeen 17 سترہ सत्रह
Eighteen 18 اٹھارہ अठारह
Nineteen 19 انیس उन्नीस
Twenty 20 بیس बीस
Twenty-one 21 اکیس इक्कीस
Twenty-two 22 بائیس बाईस
Twenty-three 23 تئیس तेईस
Twenty-four 24 چوبیس चौबीस
Twenty-five 25 پچیس पच्चीस
Twenty-six 26 چہبیس छब्बीस
Twenty-seven 27 ستائیس सत्ताईस
Twenty-eight 28 اٹھائیس अट्ठाईस
Twenty-nine 29 انتیس उनतीस
Thirty 30 تیس तीस
Thirty-one 31 اکتیس इकत्तीस
Thirty-two 32 بتیس बत्तीस
Thirty-three 33 تینتیس तैंतीस
Thirty-four 34 چونتیس चौंतीस
Thirty-five 35 پینتیس पैंतीस
Thirty-six 36 چھتیس छत्तीस
Thirty-seven 37 سینتیس सैंतीस
Thirty-eight 38 تیس آٹھ अड़तीस
Thirty-nine 39 انتالیس उनतालीस
Forty 40 چالیس चालीस
Forty-one 41 اکتالیس इकत्तालीस
Forty-two 42 بیالیس बयालीस
Forty-three 43 تینتالیس तैंतालीस
Forty-four 44 چوالیس चवालीस
Forty-five 45 پینتالس पैंतालीस
Forty-six 46 چھیالیس छियालीस
Forty-seven 47 سینتالیس सर्चालीस
Forty-eight 48 اڑتالیس अड़तालीस
Forty-nine 49 انچاس उनपचास
Fifty 50 پچاس पचास


Counting For Kids

English to Urdu Counting For Kids

Fifty-one 51 اکیاون इक्यावन्नबे
Fifty-two 52 پچاس دو बावनबे
Fifty-three 53 تریپن तिरेपन्नबे
Fifty-four 54 چوون चौवनबे
Fifty-five 55 پچپن पचपन्नबे
Fifty-six 56 چھپن छप्पनबे
Fifty-seven 57 ستاون सत्तावनबे
Fifty-eight 58 اٹھاون अठ्ठावनबे
Fifty-nine 59 انسٹھ उननब्बे
Sixty 60 ساٹھ साठ
Sixty-one 61 اکسٹھ इकसठ
Sixty-two 62 باسٹھ बासठ
Sixty-three 63 تریسٹھ तिरेसठ
Sixty-four 64 چونسٹھ चौरसठ
Sixty-five 65 پینسٹھ पैंसठ
Sixty-six 66 چھیاسٹھ छियासठ
Sixty-seven 67 سینٹھ सत्तासठ
Sixty-eight 68 اڑسٹھ अड़सठ
Sixty-nine 69 انہتر उनहत्तर
Seventy 70 ستر सत्तासी
Seventy-one 71 اکہتر इकहत्तर
Seventy-two 72 باہتر बहत्तर
Seventy-three 73 تہتر तिहत्तर
Seventy-four 74 چوہتر चौहत्तर
Seventy-five 75 پچھتر पचहत्तर
Seventy-six 76 چھہتر छियासी
Seventy-seven 77 ستتر सत्तासी
Seventy-eight 78 اٹھہتر अठहत्तर
Seventy-nine 79 اناسی उनासी
Eighty 80 اسی अस्सी
Eighty-one 81 اکیاسی इक्यासी
Eighty-two 82 بیاسی बासी
Eighty-three 83 تراسی तिरासी
Eighty-four 84 چوراسی चौरासी
Eighty-five 85 پچاسی पचासी
Eighty-six 86 چھیاسی छियासी
Eighty-seven 87 ستاسی सत्तासी
Eighty-eight 88 اٹھاسی अठासी
Eighty-nine 89 نواسی उनानवे
Ninety 90 نوے नवें
Ninety-One 91 اکانوے इक्यानवे
Ninety-two 92 بانوے बानवे
Ninety-three 93 ترانوے तिरानवे
Ninety-four 94 چورانوے चौरानवे
Ninety-five 95 پچانوے पंचानवे
Ninety-six 96 چھیانوے छियानवे
Ninety-seven 97 ستانوے सत्तानवे
Ninety-eight 98 اٹھانوے अठानवे
Ninety-nine 99 ننانوے निन्यानवे
Hundred 100 سو सौ


In conclusion, learning English counting for kids is a fun and important step in their education. By understanding numbers in English, children can communicate better and solve everyday problems. It’s an amazing blog that helps them count toys, share candies, and much more. So, keep practicing and exploring numbers with your little ones, and make counting an amazing adventure.

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