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Education System of Pakistan Essay 2023

Education System of Pakistan Essay

Education plays a very important role in the development of a country and also for the humanity. Your education shows how mannered you are and gives you the audacity to make your decisions correctly. Education is the key to success. Without education or basic knowledge, you are nothing.

Education here in Pakistan still is a major issue. People don’t understand how important education is. Even in this twentieth century half of the population in Pakistan is illiterate.  No one is paying attention to the education system. Pakistan is a 3rd world country and in is economic crisis. Hence due to this the education system hasn’t been focused so much. One of the main problems is that the government hasn’t set any educational policy for education and due to this the schools don’t pay much attention to the primary level which is the development level of the children. If we look onto the higher level of education, the students are so overburdened by the teachers, and they are so stressed that they don’t look onto other things apart from the load of assignment. Institutions these days are more into getting profits rather than making the future of the students and teaching them something beneficial. Students are forced to swallow the countless amount of information and don’t focus on the weak ones, teachers only prefer the students who are getting good grades and the ones having bad grades, they are not even into existence.

If we talk about the private institutes, they are so greedy for money that their fee can go up to lakhs per semester and students are forced to pay those fees or else they would be kicked out of the university or college.  Whereas if we look into the government institutes, the medical sectors merit is so high that you can’t even think of getting admission there. All in all, our education system is more focused onto getting grades rather than seeing the skill of the students.

Pakistan is an economically weak country; hence the government should look into this, and they should fix this major problem of their country.

There are many ways in which if the government start working, we could save our education system. For example, the syllabus, it should be up to date so that every child study equal amount of information and all of them can avail equal opportunity in the future. The teachers that should be hired must be well educated and should be knowing how to spread knowledge. This is important because many teachers fail to don’t have the explanatory skills and they fail to deliver lecture. Hence more qualified teachers should be hired, and all should be well educated and confident.

The primary level of our educational sector should also get attention as that level is where the foundation of the children is made. if the basic teaching is not provided how can a child grow up to be a gentle man. Along with this the fee should also be lessened so that all the categories can get a chance to study and the burden over the parents lessen up.

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