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Classroom Objects Names with Pictures

Classroom Objects Names

List of classroom vocabulary in English and Urdu with pictures. This classroom vocabulary will increase your knowledge of the English language in the classroom. We have covered all the classroom vocabulary in this article which will be helping the kids to learn in an easy way. It is important in school to know these words for the students.

Classroom Objects Names with Pictures

Backpack بستہ
Ballpoint بال پوائنٹ
Binder باندھنے والا
Black board تختہ سیاہ
Book کتاب
Brush برش
Calculator کیلکولیٹر
Chair کرسی

classroom objects

Desk لکھنے والی میز
Duster صاف کرنے والا
Eraser مٹانے والا
File holder فائل ہولڈر
Globe گلوب
Glue گلو
Highlighter ہائی لائٹر
Inkpot دوات
Stepler سٹیپلر
Slate سلیٹ
Scissors قینچی

Clip کلپ
Clock گھڑی
Compass کمپاس
Computer کمپیوٹر
Ruler پیمانہ
Sharpener تراش
Paper کاغذ
Pencil پینسل
Dictionary لغت
Chalk چاک
Calendar کلینڈر
Dustpan کوڑے دان
Map نقشہ

Classroom Objects Names with Pictures

Classroom Item Names in English and Urdu

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