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Animals Name in Hindi and English

Animals Name List in Hindi and English

Animal names in English and Hindi is the topic people mostly search for so in this amazing blog we are going to learn about different animals’ name in Hindi and English. Animals hindi meaning with English translation is useful for students and teachers so that they can understand their meanings correctly and use them properly next time.

Animals Name in Hindi and English

Word Meaning Pronunciation
Dolphin डॉल्फिन Dol-fin
Rhinoceros गैंडा Gai-un-da
Owl उल्लू Oo-loo
Peacock मोर More
Bee मधुमक्खी Mad-hu-muk-kee
Ant चींटी Cheen-tee
Snail घोंघा Ghong-ghah
Elephant हाथी Hah-thee
Tiger बाघ Bahg
Lion सिंह Singh
Leopard तेंदुआ Ten-doo-ah
Monkey बंदर Bun-dur
Giraffe जिराफ Ji-rahf
Penguin पेंगुइन Pen-goo-in
Kangaroo कंगारू Kan-gah-roo
Zebra ज़ीब्रा Zee-bra
Wolf भेड़िया Bhe-ree-ah
Fox लोमड़ी Lohm-dee
Horse घोड़ा Gho-dah
Fish मछली Mahch-lee
Bird पक्षी Puhk-shee
Snake साँप Saa-uh-p
Butterfly तितली Tih-lee
Rabbit खरगोश Khur-gohsh
Deer हिरण Hee-rahn
Crocodile मगरमच्छ Mah-gar-muh-ch
Dog कुत्ता Kuh-tah
Cat बिल्ली Bee-lee
Cow गाय Gah-y

Animals Name in Hindi and English

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