Adverb Phrases with Examples List

Adverb Phrases with Examples

Welcome to the new lesson of Adverb Phrases with Examples, this lesson is prepared for the students who want to learn some interesting Adverbial Phrases with their examples and want to advance their English writing and speaking.

Adverbial Phrases with Examples

By all means

You may do it by all means.

Through and through

He is an intelligent man through and through.

Before long

You should have done the work before long.

At an arm’s length

We kept the enemy at an arm’s length.

At any rate

You must attend the college at any rate.

At the eleventh hour

He always comes at the eleventh hour.

In the nick of time

He came in the nick of time.

At length

Please narrate the whole incident at length.

On the whole

On the whole, he is an honest man.

Without fall

Please attend the meeting without fall.

With one voice

The soldiers said with one voice that they would fight to the last.

On the spur of the amount

I cannot give you a definite reply on the spur of the moment.

At a stretch

I can work 12 hours at a stretch.


He can make a good speech off-hand.

Above all

He is honest, intelligent and above all, industrious.

Above board

Our dealings with the minister were above board.

After all

After all, she is a good girl.

Again and again

He read the letter again and again.

All the same

He is very unkind to me, all the same I respect him.

All in all

The director is all in all in his department.

As a matter of fact

As a matter of fact, he is not an honest man.

Now and then

He goes to attend the class every now and then.

Far and Wide

He is famous far and wide.

From time to time

He calls on me from time to time.

In the long run

Honesty pays in the long run.

Then and there

He was taken to task then and there.

Off and on

She comes here off and on.

Over and above

He was punished and fined over and above

Few and far between

His visits to his parents are few and far between.

Adverb Phrases with Examples List


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