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A To Z Tools Vocabulary With Urdu Meanings List

List of Tools in Urdu and English

Tools play an important part in daily use whether it be at the home office or a workstation. Without tools, you cannot even build your house or any building. Therefore, you have to learn A To Z Tools Vocabulary With Urdu Meanings List that you use in your day-to-day life. There are many tools whose names you might not even know. Hence, today we have bought you a variety of new words that you have to learn to get to know about the different words.

A to Z Tools Vocabulary with Urdu Meanings

By learning these words, you will have an idea about what the word is, how to pronounce it, and where they are used. These tools vocabulary with Urdu meanings is often used in our day-to-day lives and are very common and important words. For your ease, they have been translated for you into English and also in Urdu. You need to learn and use these words in your daily routine so that you can have a better grip on the words.

tools vocabulary with pictures

Tools name in Urdu and English

Tools Pron. Meaning Roman
Handsaw حاندساو آری Aarey
Spade سپادی کدال کشی Kudal kashi
Saw سا آری Aarey
Rope روپ رسی Rassi
Spud سپود رنبہ Ranba
Sickle سکل درانتی Daranti
Panner پاننیر پیچ کس Paich kis
Planer پلانیر رندا Randa
Razor رازور استرا Astra
Hammer ہمیر ہتھوڑا Hatora
Needle نیڈل سوئی Soi
Chisel چیسیل چھینی Cheani
Plier پلییر پلاس Palase
Handle ہینڈل دستہ Dasta
File فائل ریتی Reti
Pickaxe پیکازی گینتی Gainti
Below بلو پھونکنی Phonkni
Axle ازلی دھرا Dhara
Scissor سکیسور قینچی Qainchi
Axe ایکس کلہاڑا Kulhara
Compass کمپاس قطب نما Qutub numa
Nail Clipper نائل کلیپپیر ناخن تراش Naakhun taraash
Barrow بارو ریڑھی Rirhhi
Hoe ہوئے بیلچہ Bailcha
Lever لیور وزن اٹھانے والا Wazan uthany wala
Adze ادزی بسولہ تیسہ Basula teesa

Prong پرونج کانٹا نوک دار Kaanta noke daar
Drill ڈرل برما Barma
Solder سولدیر ٹانکے لگانے کا آلہ Tankay laganay ka aala
Spin wheel اسپن ویل چرخہ Charkha
Shield شییلد ڈھال Dhal
Handcuff حاندکوف ہتھکڑی Hathkari
Spanner سپاننیر پیچ کھولنے کا آلہ Paich kholnay ka aala
Spindle سپیندلی تکلا Takla
Sword سورڈ تلوار Talwar
Inch Tape انچ ٹپ پیمائش کرنے ولا فیتہ Pemaiesh karne wla feeta
Dibble دیببلی کھمبا Khamba
Last لاسٹ فرما Farma
Tongs تونجس چمٹا Chimta
Hilt حلت دستا Dasta
Tweezers توییزیرس موچنا Moochna
Oar اور چپو Chappu
Rudder رڈر پتوار Patwar
Loom لوم کھڈی Khaddi
Plough پلگ ہل Hil
Screw اسکریو پیچ Paich
Screw Driver اسکریو ڈرائیور پیچکس Paich kas
Spirit Level اسپائرٹ لیول ڈھلان ماپنے کا آلہ Dhalaan maapnay ka aala
Scythe سکیتحی کھرپہ Kharpa
Bolt بولٹ پیچ Paich
Cleaver کلیور قصاب کی چھڑی Qassab ki chhari

Tools Vocabulary with Urdu Meanings

Get the PDF lesson of these A To Z Tools Vocabulary With Urdu Meanings List from below and name the tools available at your home easily in English. This list is given in PDF format so that you can easily learn them later and beautify your English.

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