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88 Kitchen Utensils with Pictures

Kitchen utensils Vocabulary

In this lesson we will be learning some useful kitchen utensils names in English and Urdu these words are commonly used in our daily life routine and we all know kitchen is one of our favorite places. Whenever we feel hungry, we rush to the kitchen. These kitchen utensils are common things available in all the kitchens. These words are mentioned both in English as well as their Urdu meanings so that you can learn them easily and understand the correct words for them. After learning these amazing words, you will be able to talk about kitchen items and name them properly. Next time when talk about kitchen items you should call their names in English and amaze everyone.

This list below has all the vocabulary words used in the kitchen. Now onwards try to speak kitchen items name in English and impress your siblings and family.

List of Kitchen Accessories Vocabulary with pictures

Words Meanings
Apron بالا پوش۔ پیش بند
Bowl پیالہ
Blowing pipe پھونکنی
Blender مکس کرنے کی مشین
Bread basket روٹی کی ٹوکری
Cup کپ ، مگ
Colander چھلنی
Churner مکھن نکالنے والا
Canister ڈبہ
Cooker پکانے والا برتن
Cleaver ٹوکہ۔ کانٹے والا آلہ
Cutlery چھرے کانٹےاورچمچے
Fork کانٹا
Fry pan تلنے کا برتن
Grater کدوکش
Griddle توا

چکی ، سِل پٹا

Gas lighter آگ جلانے کا آلہ
Knife چاقو
Kitchen shears

باورچی خانے کی قینچی

List of Kitchen Accessories Vocabulary with pictures

Lemon squeezer لیموں نچوڑنے والا
Lid ڈھکن
Ladle کرچھی ، ڈوئی
Mortar کُونڈی
Milk can ڈول
Match box ماچس
Napkin کھانے کا رومال
Nutcracker سروتہ
Peeler چیھلنے والا
Plate تھالی
Platter پرات
Pastry board چکلا
Pestle دستہ ، موصل
Potato masher آلو مسلنے والا
Rolling pin بیلن
Spoon چمچ
Saucer طشتری
Sifter آٹا چھاننے والی چھلنی
Sickle درانتی
Stove چولہا

Kitchen utensils Vocabulary

Skimmer کَف گیر
Saucepan دیگچی
Spatula چپٹا چمچ
Steel wool سٹیل کی تاروں کا گُچھہ
Salad spinner سلاد بنانے کی مشین
Spice containers مصالحہ جات کے ڈبے
Salt / pepper shaker نمک/مرچ دانی
Teapot چائے دانی
Tea strainer چائے کی چھلنی
Tongs چِمٹا
Timer ٹائمر
Wok کڑاہی
Whisk پھینٹنی

88 Kitchen Utensils with Pictures

Hope this article is useful for you and improves your communication in kitchen space.

Kitchen Utensils PDF

You can get this lesson of kitchen utensils vocabulary from below and start learning English related kitchen items.

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