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55 Urdu To English Sentences For Household Chores

Urdu To English Sentences For Household Chores

In today’s blog we will be learning about sentences that are related to house chores. These are 55 important sentences that are used in your daily routine. It is important for you all to learn these sentences so that you can have conversations in English. These are a few very important simple English sentences that you can easily learn by heart. If you started speaking these sentences your fluency in English language will get much better and you will also have the confidence in speaking English in front of people.

Sentences For Household Chores

The following sentences have been translated into Urdu and also in English for you, so you can easily without any problem learn these sentences by heart and help your young ones to learn English as well. If you all have conversation in English, it will benefit you all. The sentences have been translated into Urdu and also in Roman Urdu, so you don’t have any difficulty reading and learning.

She was doing house chores. وہ گھر کا کام کر  رہی تھی۔ woh ghar ka kaam kar rahi thi.
Cut these potatoes. ان آلو کو کاٹ لیں۔ un aalo ko kaat len .
He mopped the kitchen floor. اس نے کچن کا فرش صاف کیا۔ is ne kitcehn ka farsh saaf kya .
Please help me fold the clothes. برائے مہربانی کپڑے تہہ کرنے میں میری مدد کریں۔ baraye meharbani kapray teh karne mein meri madad karen .
He is hanging clothes. وہ کپڑے لٹکا رہا ہے۔ woh kapray latka raha hai .
Ayesha is watering her plants. عائشہ اپنے پودے کو پانی دے رہی ہے۔ aisha –apne pouday ko pani day rahi hai .
Put the clothes there. کپڑے وہاں رکھو۔ kapray wahan rakho .
Repair the ceiling. چھت کی مرمت کریں۔ chhat ki murammat karen .
Please dry these clothes in dryer. براہ کرم ان کپڑوں کو ڈرائر میں خشک کریں۔ barah karam un kapron ko drayer mein khushk karen .
Sweep the floor. فرش جھاڑو۔ farsh jharoo .
Ali will cook the dinner. علی رات کا کھانا پکائے گا۔ Ali raat ka khana pakaye ga .

Please wipe off this table براہ کرم اس میز کو مٹا دیں۔ barah karam is maiz ko saff kr den .
Iron the clothes. کپڑے استریکرو۔ kapray istri kro .
Peel these potatoes. ان آلوؤں کو چھیل لیں۔ un aluon ko chheel len .
Make dinner tonight. آج رات کا کھانا بنائیں۔ aaj raat ka khana banayen .
She was bathing her baby. وہ اپنے بچے کو نہلا رہی تھی۔ woh –apne bachay ko Nehla rahi thi .
Do the dishes. برتن دھوؤ۔ bartan دھوؤ .
She is lulling her baby. وہ اپنے بچے کو لول رہی ہے۔ woh –apne bachay ko lol rahi hai .
Fold the clothes. کپڑے تہہ کریں۔ kapray teh karen .
Ahmad is watering the plants. احمد پودوں کو پانی دے رہا ہے۔ Ahmed poudoun ko pani day raha hai .
Please clear this area. براہ کرم اس علاقے کو صاف کریں۔ barah karam is ilaqay ko saaf karen .
Pick up the toys. کھلونے اٹھاؤ۔ khilonay uthao .
Make me some tea. مجھے چائے بنا دو۔ mujhe chaye bana do .

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