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50 Urdu To English Kitchen Vocabulary with Pictures

Kitchen Vocabulary Words

Today we will be learning the names of some Urdu to English kitchen Vocabulary with Pictures that you use daily in your kitchen. If you love to spend time in the kitchen or you love cooking, you will enjoy learning some new vocabulary related kitchen. You can also print these names and put them onto the utensils so that you can memorize them more quickly.

Kitchen Vocabulary in English and Urdu

Below is the blog, we will be seeing some important kitchen utensils, tools, and other items names that people use in the kitchen, what they are called in Urdu, and for your ease, they are also translated into Roman so that you can easily have an idea of the words. This post will be beneficial for the learners as they will be able to explore the names they might have not heard before. In this article, we have covered almost every word that can be used in the kitchen. I hope this post will be beneficial for you learners and you will surely be able to know what a specific tool is called and can easily distinguish between every utensil.

50 Urdu To English Kitchen Vocabulary with Pictures

Vocabulary Meaning
Pot برتن
Grater کدوش
Glassware زجاج شیشے کے برتن
Matchbox ماچس کا ڈبہ
Spoon چمچ
Platter تھالی
Lid ڈھکن
Plate پتر
Funnel قیف
Griddle توا
Kettle کیتلی
Bowl پیالہ
Gas Stove گیس کا چولہا
Cup مگ
Pitcher گھڑا
Ladle ڈوئی
Cauldron دیگچی
Fork کانٹا
Rolling Pin بیلن
Bottle بوتل

Kitchen Utensils in English and Urdu

Knife چاقو
Jug جگ
Tablespoon  کھانے کا چمچ
Lunch Box دوپہر کے کھانے کا ڈبہ
Stainless Steel Pot سٹینلیس سٹیل کا برتن
Jar مٹکا
Wok کڑاہئ
Toaster ٹوسٹر
Lantern لالٹین
Mesh  Skimmer بالائی اتارنے والا
Breadbox  چھابہ
Flat Spoon چمچہ
Scissor قینچی۔
Tongs چمٹا
Pliers چمٹا
Dishwasher  برتنیں دھونے کی مشین
Mixer ملانے والا
Spatula کفچہ
Refrigerator  فرج
Pressure Cooker پریشر ککر
Colander چھلنیی
Blender مکس کرنے کی مشین
Measuring cups ناپنے کا آلہ
Wooden Spatula لکڑی کے چمچہ
Sickle درانتی
Frying pan کراھی

50 Kitchen Vocabulary Words in English and Urdu

Cutlery چھرے کانٹےاورچمچے
Microwave مائیکرو ویو
Oven gloves تندور کے دستانے
Container کنٹینر
Whisk انڈا پھینٹنے والا چمچہ
Cutting board پلاسٹک کا بڑا ساختہ
Bin کوڑے دان
Butter knife مکھن کی چھری
Thermos تھرموس
Mixing bowl  مکسنگ کٹورا
Dish rack برتنوں والا خانہ
Tray طباق
Pestle عصا
 Peeler چھلکہ اتارنے والا آلہ
Jug جگ
Spice box مصالحے کے ڈبے
Milk can دول
Grind stone چکی
Timer ٹائمر
Cleaver چاپڑ
Casserole dish رکابی
Teapot کیتلی

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50 Urdu To English Kitchen Vocabulary with Pictures PDF

We use different tools in the kitchen, get the PDF lesson of Urdu to english kitchen vocabulary with pictures so that you can learn them later and improve your vocabulary.

PDF Lesson

last updated: 8 October 2023

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