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50 Dry Fruits Names in Urdu and English

Dry Fruits Names List With Urdu Meanings

Dry fruits vocabulary in English to Urdu with meanings. Below there is a list of words in which today you will be learning dry fruits names. This lesson will help you in learning different dry fruits names that are eaten by us. Hence it is important for you to learn the names of the following. These dry fruits are the best alternative for breakfast. For example, if you are not willing to have bread and butter you can have some dry fruits and you are good to go. Dry fruits are a great source of iron protein and vitamins. Apart from these, they are also rich in many other minerals such as potassium, phosphorous, different types of minerals, and many more. Dry fruits are really expensive to afford but important for our health.

Dry Fruits Names in Urdu and English

Below there are a variety of dry fruits that are very important for you to learn. If you learn these, they will be really beneficial for you as you can easily differentiate between the dry fruits. The words have been translated for you into Urdu and also in Roman Urdu so that you can easily learn these words.

Dry Fruits Names in Urdu and English with Pictures

Words Meanings Roman
Almond بادام badam
Pistachio پستہ pista
Walnut اخروٹ akhrot
Cashew nut کاجو kajoo
Dried fig انجیر injeer
Coconut ناریل nariyal
Pine nut چلغوزہ chilghoza
Dried apricot خشک خوبانی khushk khobani
Ground nut مونگ پھلی moong phali
Raisins میوہ mewa
Dried dates چھوہارا chwara
Chest nuts شاہ بلوط Shah baloot
Apricots خوبانی khobani
Cashews کاجو kajoo
Coconut ناریل nariyal
Date کھجور khajoor
Fig انجیر injeer
Peanut مونگ پھلی moong phali
Pine Nuts چلغوزے chalgozay
Pistachio پستہ pista
Raisins کشمش kishmish
Soy Nuts سویابین soybean
Sunflower Seeds سورج مکھی کے بیج Sooraj makhi ke beej
Walnut اخروٹ akhrot
Dried Apricot سوکھی خوبانی  sookhi khobani
Cantaloupe Seeds خربوزے کے بیج khrboze ke beej
Dates Dried چھوارے chhware
Fennel سونف sonf
Peanuts مونگ پھلی moong phali
Saffron زعفران zafran
Watermelon Seeds تربوز کے بیج  tarbooz ke beej
Cudpah nut سورج مُکھی کے بیج Sooraj makhi ke beej
black walnut کالا اخروٹ kala akhrot
white sesame سفید تل safaid tall
Lotus Seeds Pop مکھانے  makhanay
Brazil Nuts جوزِ برازیل Juze brazil
Prune خشک آلوچہ khushk aaloocha
Watermelon seed تربوز کا بیج tarbooz ka beej
Hazelnuts قُندق kundakh
Currant کِشمش kishmish
Pumpkin seeds کدو کا بیج kaddu ka beej
Cranberry کروندا karunda
Sunflower seeds سورج مکھی کے بیج Sooraj makhi ke beej
Betel nut سپاری supari
Sesame تِل Tِil
Areca nut چھالیہ chhalih
Flax seeds السی alsi

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