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44 Places Names in English with Urdu Meaning

Places Names in English

The following blog will be describing you the place you can find in a city. It is important for you to know which place is called what. This blog will also be beneficial for the little children as it will help them out with integrating into the community they will be able to learn new things that they might not know and also it will help them in learning the English language at a faster speed. A city has many places to go to and mostly we might not know what they are called in English. Hence in this blog, we will be looking at a few important places inside a city that you can find everywhere easily. It is important for you to learn these names as it will help you with your communication skills and confidence.

44 Places Names in English with Urdu Meaning

The following places are also translated into Urdu and roman for your benefit that you can teach them easily and you might not have to think what this means. There are many incidents where you might need to explain some things to other people and there you have to speak in English for example if you want o ask where the butcher shop is or any other thing. You must have an idea of that specific place and how to pronounce it. This will help you in gaining confidence and will help you in increasing your vocabulary. There are many fun ways to learn English. You can use these names in sentences and can take quizzes of each other and ask them the place’s name.

Bank بینک bank
Bar بار baar
Library  کتب خانہ kutub khanah
Cinema سنیما cinema
zoo چڑیا گھر chirya ghar
Shopping mall خریداری کرنے کے لیے مختص جگہ kharidari karne ke liye mukhtas jagah
Garage گیراج garage
Bakery بیکری bakery
Under pass انڈر پاس under paas
Supermarket سپر مارکیٹ super market
Car park کار پارک car park
Dumpster ڈمپسٹر dumpster
airport ہوائی اڈہ hawai adda
School اسکول school
court عدالت adalat
Cross road کراس روڈ cross road
Sports stadium  اسپورٹس اسٹیڈیم sports stadium
Market مارکیٹ market
Museum میوزیم museum
Round about کے ارد گرد ke ird gird
shop دکان dukaan
Clothing store کپڑے کی دکان kapray ki dukaan
Pharmacy فارمیسی pharmacy
Flyover فلائی اوور flayi over
Aquarium ایکویریم Aquarium

Places Names in English


bookstore کتابوں کی دکان kitabon ki dukaan
Amusement park تفریحی پارک tafrehi park
Police station تھانہ thaana
gym جم jim
Bus stop بس اسٹاپ bas stop
Temple مندر mandir
Bus station بس اسٹیشن bas station
Home گھر ghar
Library کتب خانہ kutub khanah
Burger point برگر پوائنٹ bargar point
cafe کیفے cafe
Mosque مسجد masjid
Petrol station پٹرول پمپ petrol pump
Hospital ہسپتال hospital
Factory کارخانہ karkhana
Post office ڈاک خانہ daak khanah
church چرچ charch
Farm کھیت khait
Gas station گیس سٹیشن gas station
Bridge پل pal
Department store دکان dukaan
Play ground کھیل کا میدان khail ka maidan
Park پارک park
Shoe shop جوتے کی دکان jootay ki dukaan
hotel ہوٹل hotel
Swimming pool  سوئمنگ پول swimming pol
Florist پھول فروش phool farosh
Railway station ریلوےسٹیشن railway station
Theatre تھیٹر theatre
Restaurant ریستوراں ristoran
jail جیل jail

Places Names in English with Urdu Meaning PDF

Learning English is very important nowadays because without English we cannot speak and communicate easily with others and face many difficulties in our daily routine.

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