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35 Vegetable Names in English and Urdu

Vegetable Vocabulary in English and Urdu

Learning English is easy nowadays because we can easily get everything related to English learning on the internet. In today’s blog, we are going to provide you with some very useful vegetable names in English and Urdu that will be helpful for you to improve your English learning and skills.

The English Language has become very important nowadays and everyone wants to learn it and have a good command of English. So at englishum.com, we will be providing you with lessons that will not only help you improve your English skills but also you can teach these lessons to your children and improve their English fluency.

35 Vegetable Names in English and Urdu

Learning this vegetable vocabulary once will not be enough you have to practice them every day in your spoken English and utilize them where needed.

35 Vegetable Names in English and Urdu

Vegetable names in urdu and english with meaning

 Urdu Meaning
Tomato ٹومیٹو ٹماٹر
Cucumber کیوکومبر کھیرا
Onion آنین پیاز
Potato پوٹیٹو آلو
Radish ریڈش مولی
Mint منٹ پودینہ
Brinjal برنجل بینگن
Brassica بریسکا سرسوں
Chili چِلی مرچ
Greens گرینز ساگ
Apple gourd ایپل گارڈ ٹنڈے

Vegetable Vocabulary in English and Urdu

Lettuce لیٹس سلاد
Cauliflower کالی فلاور گوبی
Bell pepper بیل پیپر شملا مرچ
Celery سِلری اجمود
Broccoli بروکولی سبز گوبی
Leek لیک ہرا پیاز
Carrot کیرٹ گاجر
Okra / ladyfinger اوکڑا بھنڈی
Pumpkin پمپکن کدو
Beet بیٹ چقندر
Spinach سپینیچ پالک

35 Vegetable Names in English and Urdu

Lemon لیمن لیموں
Garlic گارلک ؛ہسن
Peas پیز مٹر
Yam یم کچالو
Coriander کوری اینڈر دھنیاں
Beans بینز پھلیاں
Ginger گنگر ادرک
Turnip ٹرنپ شلجم
Bitter gourd بٹر گورڈ کریلا
Cabbage کیبیج بند گوبی
Zucchini زوچنی توری
Corn کارن مکئی
Sweet potato سویٹ پوٹیٹو شکر کندی


Vegetables Names in Urdu and English with Pictures

Vegetable Vocabulary in English with Urdu Meaning and Pictures PDF

You can get the PDF lesson of this 35 Vegetable Names in English and Urdu and practice them later if needed which will be easy for you to learn them later and teach this vocabulary to your children and kids.

PDF Lesson

last updated: 8 October 2023

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