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111 Basic English Words with Urdu Meaning

English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning

In this blog, we are going to learn some useful and basic English words with Urdu meaning which will help us a lot in our speaking and writing. This list has common English vocabulary with Urdu meaning which will help you speak English in your daily routine and communicate with others in English.

Basic English Words with Urdu Meaning

English vocabulary is one of the major lessons of the English language which is a little bit tricky we have to search for every word in the dictionary or on the internet which is not easy to do, but now in this lesson, we have mentioned all the basic vocabulary words with their meanings in Urdu so that you can easily understand them and use them in your speaking.

Vocabulary Meaning
Backward پیچھے کو
Above اوپر
Forward اگے کی طرف
After all آخر کار
Therefore بہر حال
Both دونوں
However تاہم
Between درمیان
Without بغیر
Beyond آگے
Me مجھے
Some کچھ
Beside قریب
Them انہیں
Your تمھارا
She وہ (لڑکی)
He وہ  (لڑکا)
I میں
We ہم
They وہ  (جمع)
It یہ
You تم یا تم لوگ
Their ان کا
Our ہمارا
Her اسکی
His اس کا
Him / her اسے
Who کون
Whom کس کا
What کیا

Basic English Words with Urdu Meaning

Below نیچے
Into اندر
Inside اندر کی جانب
Up اوپر
In میں
Through کے ذریعے
From سے
Until جب تک
Except سوائے
Through کے ذریعے
Downward نیچے کی طرف
With ساتھ
Down نیچے
Upward اوپر  کی جانب
But لیکن
My میرا
Why کیوں
Which کونسا
And اور
Away from سے دور
As جیسا کہ
Among درمیان
At پر
Although اگرچہ
At once اچانک
Also بھی
At most زیادہ سے زیادہ
At first شروع میں
Against کیخلاف
After بعد میں

111 Basic English Vocabulary with Meaning

Outside باہر کی ججانب
May be شاید  ، ہوسکتا ہے
Over اوپر
More زیادہ
On پر
Much نا قابل شمار
Mine میرا
Usually عام طور پر
Very بہت
Where کہاں
When کب
Because کیونکہ
Late دیر سے
Behind پیچھے
If اگر
Above اوپر
Already پہلے سے
Again دوبارہ
Along ساتھ  ساتھ
Certainly یقینی طور پر
Quickly جلدی سے
At last آخر کار
Not نہیں
At least کم از کم
No نہیں
Now ابھی
Not yet ابھی نہیں
Otherwise ورنہ
Never کبھی نہیں
Still ابھی تک

Basic English Words with Urdu Meaning

English Vocabulary Words with Urdu Meaning PDF

In order to help you learn these important basic English words with Urdu meaning we have provided you with the PDF book at the end so that you can learn them whenever you want.

PDF Lesson

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