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1000 Basic Words English to Urdu Used in Our Daily Conversation

1000 Basic Words English to Urdu

Memorize Basic English to Urdu 1000 words here. Below we have provided you an English dictionary where you can easily find simple words that could be used in your daily conversation.  English to Urdu Dictionary. This is our FREE dictionary where you can easily download words or copy paste them. This will help our Pakistani and Indian students to learn English in a better way and they will find the meaning of the difficult and important words. These words can be used in phrases and sentences and this will help you increase your fluency. This lesson will improve your English vocabulary skills. These are 1000 core words that have been translated into Urdu for the students so they can easily talk to other people and give a good impact by just their speaking skills.

1000 Basic Words English to Urdu Used in Our Daily Conversation

English is one of the main languages that one has to learn and by the help of our 1000 core words that have been translated into Urdu you can easily learn them and implement them into your daily routine. The vocabulary used below is very significant and will help you in different stages. It is important for you to learn all the words along with their meanings. This list contains nouns, verbs, adjectives and many more.

Words Meanings
Laugh ہنسنا
Take لے لو
Come آؤ
Here یہاں
Bad برا
Beautiful خوبصورت
Year سال
What کیا
They وہ
Curious متجسس
Crazy پاگل
Hope امید
Unique منفرد
Rude بدتمیز
Cheap سستا
Obvious ظاہر ہے
Humble عاجز
Nostalgic ناسٹلجک
Charming دلکش
Amazing حیرت انگیز
Humongous ہمونگس
Reality حقیقت
Artifact آرٹفیکٹ
Relation رشتہ
Phone فون
Chair کرسی
Although اگرچہ
Attract متوجہ کرنا
Attend شرکت کرنا
Adopt اپنانے
Advertisement اشتہار
Amuse تفریح
Argue بحث کرنا
Break توڑنا
Brush برش
Breed نسل
Block بلاک
Cliff چٹان
Climb چڑھنا
Comb کنگھی
Compensate تلافی کرنا

Connection کنکشن
Amusement تفریح
Decline رد کرنا
Acceptance قبولیت
Decoration سجاوٹ
Dealer ڈیلر
Crush کچلنا
Criticize تنقید کرنا
Depend انحصار کرنا
Disappoint مایوس کرنا
Double دگنا
Duet ڈوئٹ
Escape فرار
Exchange تبادلہ
Face چہرہ
Far دور
Alone اکیلا
Expressions تاثرات
Examine پرکھنا
Forgive معاف کر دینا
Gather جمع کرنا
Joke مذاق
All تمام
Appealing اپیل کرنا
Minor معمولی
Major میجر
Accident حادثہ
Fake جعلی
Water پانی
Transport ٹرانسپورٹ
Indulge مرعوب کرنا
Invest سرمایہ کاری کریں۔
Takeover لے لینا
Computer کمپیوٹر
File فائل
Trunk ٹرنک
Seed بیج
Rustle سرسراہٹ
Villa ولا
Ruin بربادی


Strap پٹا ۔
Spit تھوکنا
Ripe پکا ہوا
Stream ندی
Valley وادی
Strange عجیب
Scared ڈرا ہوا
Roast روسٹ
Strap پٹا ۔
Jerk جھٹکا
Interior داخلہ
Leap out باہر کودنا
Curiosity تجسس
Gravy شوربہ
Hesitate ہچکچانا
Esteem عزت
Hunt شکار
Hammer ہتھوڑا
Rose گلاب
Amongst کے درمیان
Bluff بلف
Brag شیخی مارنا
Sift چھاننا
Crawl رینگنا
Campaign مہم
Court عدالت
Frost ٹھنڈ
Hay گھاس
Flock گلہ
Intellect عقل
Fever بخار
Contact رابطہ کریں۔
Worried فکر مند
Horrid خوفناک
Hear سنو
Heat گرمی
Greet سلام
Ignore نظر انداز کرنا
Horn ہارن
Increase اضافہ
Improve بہتر کریں۔
Influence اثر و رسوخ
Interrupt خلل ڈالنا
Involvement ملوث
Jump چھلانگ لگانا
Judge جج

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